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FRAN is undergoing renovations

We are currently re-vamping how this website functions for 2020. We are taking the feedback and experience of the past few years and working towards making FRAN more streamlined and easier to navigate. Starting today, Jan 20th, we will no longer be updating the FRAN podc

Hot Rod Farmer: Having a rough time of it… your engine idle that is!

A rough idle is more telling than most think. Listen and learn.

Shark Farmer Podcast – Matt McCune Farmer-Storm Chaser

Being a full time agronomist/salesman while also being a full time farmer isn't all that unusual... but it doesn't mean it's not impressive Listen as I talk to Matt McCune about ag and storm chasing

MidWest Farm Wives Podcast – The one where we live in abundance.

Hey friends and welcome back to our 2020 season of podcasting.  This episode we are going to discuss living with an abundant mindset vs a scarce mindset. We think this applies to life in general and we compare to our farm lives. In a nutshell someone with an abundant m