Ontario AgCast – Timothy Caulfield – Farm and Rural Ag Network

Ontario AgCast – Timothy Caulfield

Ontario AgCast – Timothy Caulfield

2:10 Never take advice from Gwenyth Paltrow on vaginal hygiene.

4:55 Yes, I know boys don’t have vaginas.

7:10 Vampire facial – ummm, it’s a thing.

9:40 Speaking up for science and trying weird stuff.

11:30 The science of pop culture.

14:30 The religion of Detox.

16:00 DIY home fecal transplant – it’s as disturbing as you are imagining.

17:45 Hate mail and fighting celebrities on-line.

22:20 Tim’s 6 tips for healthy living.

26:00 The best coffee in the world is in Alberta. Honestly.


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