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Ontario AgCast – Talking Trade

Ontario AgCast – Talking Trade

Three shows in One.

Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts

Canadian Pork Council Public Relations Manager,  Gary Stordy

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal



1:50 Governor Ricketts says nice things about Canada.

6:10 Modernizing NAFTA without disrupting trade.

7:40 Apparently Dairy is on the table.

10:20 Even the Governor appreciates at hotdog for a dollar.

11:40 Wendell introduces Gary Stordy as Gord. Sorry Garry.

20:20 Comparing notes on NAFTA.

22:30 Harmonizing food safety regulations.

24:30 Wendell gets Minister Leal’s intro right.

27:30 Renegotiating NAFTA – DO NO HARM!

31:20 Minister Leal schools Wendell on political history.