Ontario AgCast – Kevin Snyder – Farm and Rural Ag Network

Ontario AgCast – Kevin Snyder

Ontario AgCast – Kevin Snyder

Show Notes

1:30 When you are related to literally everyone in your neighborhood.

3:00 Maple Syrup Facts – It’s a Canadian thing.

6:30 Woodlot management = healthy trees.

9:00 OMG we are talking supply management again!

12:00 Wendell learns that it’s not ok to mention Aunt Jemima to a serious Maple Syrup connoisseur.

16:40 Maple Syrup goes high tech.

18:10 Kevin says the magic words – Pancakes and Sausage.

19:55 Maple Beer? What????

22:50 Maple syrup advice for beginners – Don’t burn down the driveshed.

24:00 We have to wrap it up cause Christine can’t wait for pancakes and sausage any longer.