Ontario AgCast – Kelly Daynard

Ontario AgCast – Kelly Daynard

Catching up with the new Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Ontario


2:30 Navigating all of the different organizations trying to help farmers.

4:40 Gathering consumer data and then deciding how to use it.

7:20 Wendell and Kelly tell tales about being a farm kid in the 70’s. Also Canadian TV shows.

10:40 WHAT???? Urbanites don’t think much about farmers?

13:10 Are we trying to ram our message down consumers throats?

17:00 Getting people invested takes more than facts and figures.

19:20 Taking a class trip with Kelly. All the cool kids are doing it.

22:30  Speak Up Training.

24:30 360° Virtual Tours – All the cool kids are doing it.

25:20 The Real Dirt On Farming and working with great partners like Wallenstein Feed and Supply.