Future of Agriculture – For Profit Approach to International Ag Development with Richard Lackey of World Food Bank – Farm and Rural Ag Network

Future of Agriculture – For Profit Approach to International Ag Development with Richard Lackey of World Food Bank

Future of Agriculture – For Profit Approach to International Ag Development with Richard Lackey of World Food Bank

Richard Lackey is the Chairman and CEO of the World Food Bank, an organization founded in 2015 to provide sustainable solutions to the food security and hunger issues around the world. He is a highly-regarded expert in the trading and securities industry and is passionate about finding solutions that will help end world hunger.

Richard joins me today to share the driving force behind World Food Bank, their mission, and how their unique program is designed to significantly impact the food security and hunger issues we currently face worldwide. He explains how his systematized approach helps impact the world from an economic standpoint and why systematic approaches are more sustainable solutions to combating world hunger and poverty. He explains how they use model farms to help farmers in third-world countries gain access to the tools, techniques, and strategies that can improve their crop grades, quality, and profits. He also shares his prediction for investors considering food as a future asset commodity and the potential impact that a single 5,000-acre farm can have on the lives of those living in countries such as Uganda.


“The ability to now store commodities for years and years – and maintain grade – is a game-changer.” – Richard Lackey


This Week on the Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • The food security issues that the World Food Bank focuses on solving.
  • What is post-harvest loss and how it impacts the export market worldwide?
  • How they use model farms as an educational tool within third-world countries.
  • Why organizations are beginning to shift their focus from project-based programs to systematic solutions.
  • How the company works with investors and creates profits.
  • The technology they use to store commodities and remove the calendar risk associated with long storage periods.
  • How his organization helps third-world countries mitigate and control price volatility.
  • How the systematic approach is impacting the lives of farmers as well as the poverty crisis within third-world countries.
  • His prediction on investors considering food commodities as an asset class in the future.
  • The potential impact that one sustainable farm can have in a third-world country.
  • How they determine how well crop genetics will work within each region.


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