Future of Agriculture – Different Perspectives on AgTech Accelerators with Georg Baunach of Hatch and Joel Harris of Ag Startup Engine

Future of Agriculture – Different Perspectives on AgTech Accelerators with Georg Baunach of Hatch and Joel Harris of Ag Startup Engine

Georg Banauch is a molecular biotechnologist with extensive knowledge of synthetic biology and biofuels research. He is also a Co-Founder and Development Director for HATCH, an accelerator program focused exclusively on the aquaculture industry seeking to develop and scale disruptive aquaculture startups.

Joel Harris is Ag Startup Engine’s Co-Director. Ag Startup Engine is a privately-owned accelerator program that funds AgTech entrepreneurs and supports them through mentorship and funding. Joel’s responsibility includes coordinating investor relations and mentoring new entrepreneurs.

Georg and Joel join me today to discuss how their accelerator programs work, the type of ideas they want to support, and what makes each company unique from other accelerators. Georg explains how they developed the idea to launch HATCH, why they focused on aquaculture startups, and how aquaculture can help the world grow. Joel shares what their company is all about and the checklist they use when selecting companies as well as how Ag Startup Engine can help business owners. Joel also offers great advice when dealing with investors from a new entrepreneur’s viewpoint.

“For new entrepreneurs, a small pat on the back can go a long way.” – Joel Harris


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What is HATCH accelerator and how it got started.
  • Their motivation in starting Hatch Accelerator.
  • How their accelerator program works and their interactions with startups.
  • An estimate on how many aquaculture startups are out there.
  • What Hatch looks for in startups and ideas they want to see.
  • What excites Georg on the future of aquaculture?
  • Joel Harris’ perspective as an entrepreneur and someone working with entrepreneurs.
  • Joel’s best advice on how to succeed in growing an AgTech startup.
  • Is Ag Startup Engine open to startups worldwide?
  • How Joel motivates budding entrepreneurs into achieving their goals.
  • Ag Startup Engine’s programs and how they help entrepreneurs.
  • Joel’s advice to new entrepreneurs when it comes to communicating with investors.

Key Takeaways:


  • Aquaculture is efficient compared to others in the agricultural industry.
  • Working with an accelerator is an opportunity, but where you’ll end up after that is up to you.


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