Future of Agriculture – California Water Law with Adam Borchard of ACWA

Future of Agriculture – California Water Law with Adam Borchard of ACWA

Adam Borchard is a Regulatory Advocate for the Association of California Water Agencies or ACWA. ACWA is an organization that seeks to inform Californians regarding their water supply and its policies. He has been actively representing California’s best interests in water policies for over five years and experienced drafting memoranda on various water-related acts in their state. Adam obtained his Juris Doctor in Environmental, Water, Public Agency Law from the University of the Pacific – McGeorge School of Law and his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Management from UC Davis.

Adam joins me today to discuss California’s water problems and enlighten us on what its future looks like from a sustainable and political viewpoint. He shares California’s water problem history and explains why it’s difficult to tackle the idea of entities owning water. He discusses some of the projects he believes will greatly help the state if fully implemented. Adam also describes the next big problem that will need to be solved in the future.

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“Water is the unwritten constitution of California.” – Adam Borchard

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • California’s water issues and a little history.
  • Who currently owns water and how it affects the farming industry.
  • The state’s geographical imbalance and how it affects the population.
  • His most difficult project to date and regulating water.
  • How water rights can be revoked and seniority factors.
  • The event that became a major water wake up call for Californians.
  • The next problem that California and the rest of the world will have to tackle.

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