Future of Agriculture – Ag Literacy for Kids with Simone Kain of George the Farmer – Farm and Rural Ag Network

Future of Agriculture – Ag Literacy for Kids with Simone Kain of George the Farmer

Future of Agriculture – Ag Literacy for Kids with Simone Kain of George the Farmer

Simone Kain is the co-creator of George the Farmer, a social enterprise that focuses on educating kids about proper farming practices as well as how food and fiber are produced using apps, music, videos, picture books, and free curriculum-aligned educator’s guides. She drew inspiration from a 2012 survey in Australia that shows 10-12-year-old students don’t know where their food comes from. Simone describes George the Farmer as “everyone’s mate” and tackles the daily activities of Australian farming with passion.


In this episode, Simone explains how George the Farmer educates children. She shares the story behind George the Farmer, how they structured their app, and why knowing where your food comes from is essential. She also discusses the need for people to learn that a career in agriculture is not always about farming and how George the Farmer aims to do just that.


“We try to get kids to start thinking about the amazing opportunities available in agriculture.” – Simone Kain


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • The origins of George the Farmer.
  • What their app aims to do.
  • Who their market is and their target age group.
  • Their response from those who don’t have a farm background.
  • How kids have benefited from their app.
  • Their future projects for George the Farmer
  • Their process in trying to get George the Farmer in television.
  • The challenges they’ve faced
  • What surprised her the most in this project?


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