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Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brian Randolph – A will to live life to the fullest and spread positivity in his path

He’s faced near complete paralysis, having his legs amputated and being in a coma, twice. Despite these challenges, Brian Randolph is one of the most positive people I know. Unfortunately, his battles aren’t over and he needs your help. Brian is waiting for a kidney transplant and liver tissue donation. Take a listen to his incredible story, then return here to complete Mayo Clinic’s Living transplantation questionnaire to see if you might be a match.

Watch Brian take a few more steps at PT!

Ontario AgCast – Brianne Brown

April is Autism Awareness Month  https://ontarioautismcoalition.com/ which is a cause close to Brianne Brown’s heart. She shares why having a special needs child is a blessing for the whole family. If you’re interested in International perspectives on the Future of Farming, you can catch Brianne on this panel at the Arrell Food Summit https://arrellfoodinstitute.ca/food-summit/ Finally, we find out if this 6th generation dairy farmer could only milk one breed of cows for the rest of her life, is it Holsteins or Jerseys….

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Hear the one about the Farmer and the Environmentalist?

Tonight I’m heading down to Middlezoy in Somerset to talk to conservationist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, and writer, Simon Phelps.

Who said a farmer and an environmentalist couldn’t have a polite conversation?!

We discuss his background, and how the natural environment has always held a fascination to him, which led to studying Geography and Ecology at Uni, before hearing about his various roles in the sector, including ecological surveying in Dorset, and working as a youth engagement officer in the Midlands.

We then discuss his current role with Butterfly Conservation, working with farmers and landowners to advise them on managing their land for threatened species in Exmoor, Dartmoor, and Bodmin. We talk about the role that farmers play in managing the UK’s natural environment, and how working with them has changed his mind on a few things.

We discuss the idea of rewinding, and what that means to him, before moving on to hedge row management and what he believes that farmers should be doing differently with their hedges, and why they’re so important to the natural environment.

All this and much more.

It was great to talk to Simon, and hear that farmers and conservationists can work together in a positive way to benefit the UK countryside. Check it out folks..



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Future of Agriculture – Balancing Consumer Perspectives on Sustainability with Producer Realities with Ryan Sirolli of Danone North America

Ryan Sirolli is the Senior Director at Danone North America, a food company that focuses on dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and plant-based foods. Ryan is responsible for leading a team that serves to develop and execute agricultural sourcing and improve supply chain sustainability. He and his team emphasizes on soil health as well as creating alternative economic models that advocate both customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability.


Today, Ryan shares how Danone North America is part of a global sustainability project. He discusses many of the company’s current environmental advocacies and how the company has aligned its goals to meet the needs of both health and environmentally conscious consumers. He also provides insight with regards to the GMO and Non-GMO debate and shares his thoughts on the future of organic and sustainable agriculture.


“It’s our responsibility to make sure that whatever we source, whatever system the farmer chooses to use or whatever the consumer wants – it’s our responsibility to make sure we do it in the most sustainable way.” – Ryan Sirolli


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • Ryan’s educational background and experience.
  • What is the Danone Pledge?
  • The products Danone is focusing on.
  • How they establish a level of trust with their customers and investors.
  • The GMO vs. Non-GMO argument.
  • Danone’s commitment to their customers and the environment.
  • How they invest in soil health.
  • How they define regenerative agriculture.
  • The possibilities for their supply chain in the future.


Ryan Sirolli’s Words of Wisdom:

  • The consumers are more proactive about their health. They want to know where their food is coming from, how it is being made, and they want to buy from brands they can trust.
  • Environmental sustainability is now a major factor of what drives consumers to buy healthy products.


Connect with Ryan Sirolli:



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Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Trey Hill plants corn in March, soybeans & is near 100% cover crop. You might even call him a grain BTO with connections to D.C.

Meet Trey Hill of Harborview Farms

Shark Farmer Podcast – Glen Newcomer got a Harley

You ever wonder what would happen to your loved ones if you suddenly died? Would they know what to do with your business?

Glen Newcomer has a unique view on making a “when you die folder”

Please visit our sponsor Farmers Edge

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – What is the correlation between home gardening and the romanticism traditionalism of farming? with Jayson Lusk

Are today’s “food police” shaping food policy? If so, who is the driving force behind these celebrity appointed experts? Join Jayson Lusk, author of “The Food Police,” as he shares his observations and studies.

What the Farm Podcast – Are Crop Dusters Crazy?

Lesley and Rob chat with Clayton Rempel, a certified aerial applicator. Listen to what he does and why people shouldn’t fear crop dusters.

Ontario AgCast – Ashely (Captain) Knapton

My guest this week is Ashely (Captain) Knapton. She loves agriculture and wants to try ALL the jobs before she eventually realizes her dream and takes over her family’s dairy farm.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Quinoa? In Shropshire?!

Tonight I am actually travelling! And heading the grand total of 9 1/2 miles across the English border, to Hordley in North Shropshire, to talk to Quinoa grower Stephen Jones @BritishQuinoa

We start off discussing Stephen’s farm, that his family have been on for 80 years, and how he ended up studying crop production and agronomy at Harper Adams University, before going on to do a phd at Nottingham.

We then talk about how he first heard about Quinoa in a local magazine, and how it fired his imagination enough to try to grow some for himself on the farm, (we also find out how you pronounce it – IS IT QUINOA OR KEEN-WAH?!) and his early experiments with supermarket bought seed.

We then move on to the breakthrough moment when he found varieties bred specifically for the European market, through Wageningan University in the Netherlands, and how he has close ties to other growers throughout Europe, before discussing the crop itself, and how it compares to other conventional crops grown in the UK.

We talk about how they process it and market it, and how they sell to companies from Pret a Manger, right through to large supermarkets, and how cool it is to see something they’ve grown in stores.

We also talk about the food itself, how it tastes, how to cook it, and what the nutritional benefits are, as well as talking about their range of own brand retail packs, and what the future holds for the business.

All this and lots, lots more. Stephen’s one of the interesting and innovative farmers in the UK who are really pushing boundaries, and it was absolutely fascinating to talk to him and learn more about his amazing product and business.

Check it out folks..


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