Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Jenn Pfenning

Migrant Farm Workers Are An Important Part of Our Rural Communities.

Jenn lets us in on the great baby carrot scam and explains that their temporary foreign agriculture workers are family.


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Ontario AgCast – Brett Myers, S**thaven Farms

1:10 What do you mean you’ve never heard of Punkydoodles Corner?

2:30 Things Holstein Canada WON’T let you name your cows.

4:30 Brett’s in the business of making milk. Period.

8:45 Family Farming ups and downs.

13:30 Supply Management, yes or no?

15:20 Brett has figured out Victoria’s Secrets.

18:00 Succession planning – you won’t have to drag Brett out kicking and screaming.

21:30 So…. What’s worse – Margaritas  or Crocks?

24:40 Hey!!! I ask the questions here.

Ontario AgCast – Natalie and Matthew from GFO

Grain Farmers of Ontario Mad Scientists – Natalie DiMeo and Matthew Czerwinksi


0:25 Scientists are interesting and informative. No, really, they are.

7:55 Doing research that matters to farmers.

14:50 If research is done in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?

17:10 Natalie sucks at Christmas gifts.

21:00 Thorough research involves beer. No, really, it does.

22:30 Natalie “I caught a fish THIS big…”

25:00 Effectively communicating scientific results.

Ontario AgCast – Jenni Tilton-Flood

Jenni Tilton-Flood is so agreeable she’s often confused for a Canadian.

2:00 Will travel for field hockey.

4:15 Dear Virginia, leave your statues alone.

7:10 The honor system. I wouldn’t steal from Jenni’s farm market stand either.

12:00 Pasture doesn’t guarantee happier cows.

16:20 Growing corn in Maine –  When exactly was Maine America’s bread basket???

18:30 How to traumatize New Yorkers at the fair.

20:00 Comparing US milk co-ops with Canadian supply management.

29:00 #FRANHappyHour 9:00 EST – Chat with Jenni.

31:30 Jenni cannot live on bread alone, but cheese….

Ontario AgCast – Leah Dorman

Ontario AgCast – David Imrie

0:50 I wish I had David’s radio voice.

6:00 Sometimes a temporary job becomes a career.

10:00 You’re hired, didn’t we tell you?

14:20 CKCO TV – jacket and tie required.

16:30 Canadian content laws. David gets his own show.

20:20 David and Wendy – a “whirlwind” relationship.

24:30 Reporting on Farm Crisis

31:30 It’s not always good to be the King.

37:30 An interview that’s out of this world!

43:30 Community Heroes.

45:00 Cruising with David and Wendy.

Ontario AgCast – Talking Trade

Three shows in One.

Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts

Canadian Pork Council Public Relations Manager,  Gary Stordy

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal



1:50 Governor Ricketts says nice things about Canada.

6:10 Modernizing NAFTA without disrupting trade.

7:40 Apparently Dairy is on the table.

10:20 Even the Governor appreciates at hotdog for a dollar.

11:40 Wendell introduces Gary Stordy as Gord. Sorry Garry.

20:20 Comparing notes on NAFTA.

22:30 Harmonizing food safety regulations.

24:30 Wendell gets Minister Leal’s intro right.

27:30 Renegotiating NAFTA – DO NO HARM!

31:20 Minister Leal schools Wendell on political history.

The Ontario AgCast – Jullia Schumm

What I did on my summer vacation. Corn, beans and cows.

Ontario AgCast – Kelly Daynard

Catching up with the new Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Ontario


2:30 Navigating all of the different organizations trying to help farmers.

4:40 Gathering consumer data and then deciding how to use it.

7:20 Wendell and Kelly tell tales about being a farm kid in the 70’s. Also Canadian TV shows.

10:40 WHAT???? Urbanites don’t think much about farmers?

13:10 Are we trying to ram our message down consumers throats?

17:00 Getting people invested takes more than facts and figures.

19:20 Taking a class trip with Kelly. All the cool kids are doing it.

22:30  Speak Up Training.

24:30 360° Virtual Tours – All the cool kids are doing it.

25:20 The Real Dirt On Farming and working with great partners like Wallenstein Feed and Supply.






Ontario AgCast – Gary and Sarah Brien

Father / Daughter Relationship Goals

1:10 A farm with some history.

4:00 Growing up in the shadow of Ridgetown College.

7:20 “Typical teenager” is what a Dad says when his kid was WILD!

10:30 Sarah can’t say “scrotal circumference” in front of her Dad.

15:40 Land prices and predators – not sheep friendly.

17:10 You show me your sheep. I’ll show you mine.

21:00 Wanna buy a sheep?

28:50 When Gary talks reason to a yuppie. Don’t try this at home.

29:40 When Gary destroys Sarah at trivia.

31:50 You’re going to want a tissue for this.