Ontario AgCast

Ontario AgCast – Dr Kelly Barratt

Kelly is totally fine if you call her a Lady Vet, but please don’t call her a Horse Person. However, if you have a sick cow, goat or horse, she can help. Maybe not Alpacas…..

Ontario AgCast – Matt McIntosh

The Real Dirt On Farming – Good facts and good vibes.


1:00 Not everyone can get away with a kilt.

5:00 Matt’s big, little brother.

10:00 An introvert and a deep thinker.

13:00 The Real Dirt On Farming – a worthwhile cause.

22:30 Why can’t we play dirty? Wendell goes on a rant.

34:00 Matt has a band. No idea what it’s called.



Ontario AgCast – Drew De Bruyn

1:20 If you offer Drew a couch to crash, he may never leave.

4:45 We learn how much Wendell knows about pigs.

8:40 Piglet lives matter.

16:40 Pigs just keep getting bigger.

20:20 Pig guys trying to be like the dairy guys.

24:00 The Pigmobile.

32:00 Cool train facts with Wendell and Drew.

Ontario AgCast – Shaun Haney

1:30 Real Agriculture is an actual, real media company.

3:00 I`ll take “What’s a seedsman for $100”

7:50 How to break your parents hearts, career edition.

11:00 Shaun has opinions. Want to hear them?

16:00 Eventually Shaun remembers meeting Wendell.

23:30 Doing a daily radio show is just as hard as dairy farming.

25:00 NAFTA, Trade and why Shaun hates supply management.

31:30 FTR Canada WON the War of 1812.

37:30 The Real Ag Hockey Pool. Let your monkey pick.

Ontario AgCast – Janice Anderson

Janice Anderson balances family, work and making a contribution to agriculture at the grassroots level.

Ontario AgCast – Dave McEachren

Cover Crops, Fire Trucks and John Deeres


8:00 Dave says “Moldboard plows are STUPID”

20:00 Balancing farming, family and volunteering.

23:30 Being a fire fighter is more than “Put the wet stuff on the red stuff”

27:20 Fire fighters looking out for each other. Mental health is as important as physical health.

35:20 Dave schools Wendell on John Deere trivia.



Ontario AgCast – Gender Equality – What’s all the fuss about?

Are Ag businesses and boards really led by gray haired white men?

Does the old boys club still exist?

This is an important conversation about gender equality not just in agriculture but in all industries.

Thanks to Jen Christie and Adrienne Ivey for having this conversation.

Ontario AgCast – Aaron Law THE EMPOWERED FARMER

2:00 Farming near the Bay of Fundy – Tides, Whales and Chickens

6:10 How an engineer decides to be a farmer.

13:20 Egg Farmers of Canada. Doing good things around the world.

20:10 Conquering negative thinking and committing to your goals.


Ontario AgCast – Lauren Benoit

1:00 Sandi thinks Lauren is great, Lauren thinks Sandi is great and Wendell is here too.

3:20 Wendell is just using Lauren to grow a millennial audience.

6:00 Tractors for Tots. What?

8:40 Becoming a weed scientist.

11:00 Learning the regulatory process. Hurdles and hoops.

14:00 Lauren has Grand Plan – and it includes solving herbicide resistance. Also water hemp.

15:30 Lauren confirms that Ontario’s weed problems usually come from Illinois.

19:00 Lauren explains why just publishing ONLY 3 manuscripts just wouldn’t be enough….

20:40 Wendell convinces Lauren that she is a science educator.

23:30 Starting a forum to provide accurate facts on farming. There is no finish line.

27:40 OK, Kevin Folta is amazing. And…. Wendell is still here.

Ontario AgCast – Neal Carter ARCTIC APPLES

1:30 Canada’s West Coast – oceans, mountains, apples.
3:20 The Okanagan Valley likes their wine now too.
5:00 Working overseas. Maize to mangos.
8:00 The early days of  biotechnology.
10:00 How do we get people to eat more apples. “If an apple a day is good, two is better”???
13:10 Genetic engineering – Frankenfood or precise breeding tool?
17:20 A project 20 years in the making. Neal is a grinder.
20:20 When 40% of your product gets wasted, you look for solutions.
22:20 Someday our grandkids will ask “Do you remember when apples used to go brown?”
25:30 Selling consumers on GMOs when the benefits are ALL theirs.
27:00 Arctic Apples will be in stores soon. Neal won’t tell us where.


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