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Keeping AgReal Podcast – Debunking Misconceptions of Ag Innovation; How GMO Technology Changed Her Family Farm with Karolyn Zurn

Researching farming for nearly 50 years is one perspective when discussing innovations in agriculture. Actually living it and sharing detail by detail, is a completely different animal. Meet Karolyn Zurn from Minnesota, American Agri Women’s 1st Vice President.

She shares her farming experience beginning with dairy, to sugar beets and corn. Listen to how GMO technology has not only improved their farm but also continues to better the environment. While working off the farm, Karolyn had the opportunity to work in food sales. She shares this and how she fills her life today.

Ways to AgVocate every day through #AgDay365 and “Food: How It’s Made”

It’s no secret that the general public live and breathe by misinformation regarding agriculture. Reaching the general public takes a village. Listen to American Agri Women’s Past President, Doris Mold, as she discusses the efforts the American Agri Women have utilized and the evolution of their programs. Doris also shares how navigating Washington, D.C. becomes teamwork for the different generations of women in agriculture. 

Special thanks to Bayer and the American Agri Women

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Inspiring the Future of Women in Agriculture

Today’s episode is the first of its kind as we will be featuring two guests.  The first is Jackie Applegate, Head of Global Vegetable Seeds and Environmental Science for the Crop Science Division at Bayer. The second guest is Jeanette Lombardo, American Agri-Women’s current President.

Even though this episode is intended to inspire women in agriculture, men, you need to listen as well… these ladies bring advice to the table which applies to everyone, no matter your packaging! As you will hear Jackie say in the episode, “So, it’s not us versus them. It’s how we together can make a difference.” These ladies bring advice to the table which applies to everyone, no matter your packaging.

Thank you to the support of Bayer Crop Science and American Agri-Women for sponsoring today’s episode.

Keeping Ag Real – Bayer & Monsanto, European food & agriculture

Kristin Reese, aka Local Farm Mom, has been my companion on a couple of recent adventures. In this episode, we share our experience exploring Europe’s food and agriculture, while also attending Bayer’s Future of Farming event – the first event since the acquisition of Monsanto.

Our journey through Switzerland taught us the importance of slowing down in life. In Germany we learn there are no speed limits & the Netherlands provided a one-of-a-kind event involving Dutch Cooking.

Take a listen to learn more.

Special thanks to Bayer for inviting Kristin and I to the Future of Farming event.

Keeping Ag Real – Under Secretary Bill Northey | Ag Census process, Trade & President Trump’s Connection to Agriculture

Today’s episode is brought to you by Alltech. I had the honor of interviewing Bill Northey, Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm & Foreign Agricultural Services, during Alltech’s #ONE18 event.

We dig deep into the Ag Census process, discuss the Under Secretary and Secretary Perdue’s expectations under the Trump administration and discuss the US’s trade woes.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brooke Clay tries to enter Witness Relocation Program, she is savin’ the booties plus when your doc gives GMOs a no

Have you ever met one of those people who makes your mind explode? Enter one of the hottest names in the food and agriculture world, Brooke Clay. Fluent in pop culture, Brooke shares about her role as producer of Chasing Down Madison Brown. In this episode, she schools me on the phrase Pork Chops & Applesauce, something which I’ve always believed to be a Schweigertism.

We get serious about savin’ booties and the lack of agriculture education involved in becoming an doctor. The show is wrapped up with excellent life advice that is so Brooke Clay.

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Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Craft Beer, algae, glyphosate and Bud-wi-ser with Aidan Connelly

Join me while I chat with Chief Innovation Officer of Alltech, Inc., Aiden Connelly. We touch on numerous topics.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brian Randolph – A will to live life to the fullest and spread positivity in his path

He’s faced near complete paralysis, having his legs amputated and being in a coma, twice. Despite these challenges, Brian Randolph is one of the most positive people I know. Unfortunately, his battles aren’t over and he needs your help. Brian is waiting for a kidney transplant and liver tissue donation. Take a listen to his incredible story, then return here to complete Mayo Clinic’s Living transplantation questionnaire to see if you might be a match.

Watch Brian take a few more steps at PT!

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Trey Hill plants corn in March, soybeans & is near 100% cover crop. You might even call him a grain BTO with connections to D.C.

Meet Trey Hill of Harborview Farms

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – What is the correlation between home gardening and the romanticism traditionalism of farming? with Jayson Lusk

Are today’s “food police” shaping food policy? If so, who is the driving force behind these celebrity appointed experts? Join Jayson Lusk, author of “The Food Police,” as he shares his observations and studies.