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Future of Agriculture – Soil Health and Public Health with Nave Strauss of NYC Parks

Nave Strauss is an arborist and the Director of Street Tree Planting for NYC Parks. His primary function is to make sure New York City and its surrounding areas are equipped with the right combination of trees and plants that can help sustain both public and environmental health. He obtained a degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Forestry from St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY in 2008 and has worked with NYC Parks since 2009. He and his team aim to become the best tree planting program in the world.


Nave joins me today to share his passion for trees and environmental sustainability. He explains what an arborist is, what they do, and how they participate in various programs involving nature and trees. He also discusses the considerations made when assessing locations and trees to be planted and explains how they aim to improve soil health by way of enhancing soil microbiome as well as how they make use of biochar.



“Trees are are investments that will outlive all of us.” -Nave Strauss




This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What an arborist is and the responsibilities that come with this title.
  • Why it’s not odd to be an arborist in New York City.
  • The amount of resources New York City should put into its parks.
  • How trees factor into the public and environmental health in cities.
  • Assessing the number of trees as well as the kind of trees needed per area.
  • What soil science says about soil health and how they address it.
  • Short and long-term solutions to improving soil microbiome.
  • Processes involved in basic tree health.
  • What made Nave choose to work in New York City.




Key Takeaways:


  • Governments shouldn’t hesitate to put more resources on tree planting because the benefits trees provide are in the interest of public health.
  • An arborist’s main job is to speak for the trees.




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