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Future of Agriculture – Digitizing Ag Retail with Alexander Reichert of AgVend

Alexander Reichert is the Co-Founder & CEO of AgVend, an eCommerce platform that partners with various ag retailers to adapt to the evolving needs of American farmers. Their platform allows farmers to connect with retailers and purchase their products and/or services anywhere and at any time. Alex practices the Build-Measure-Learn philosophy in his life and believes customer satisfaction isn’t an option, but a critical part of success in any industry.


Alex joins me today to describe AgVend, what inspired him to start the company, how it works, and how it seeks to help farmers. He explains the need to have an online presence in the ag industry and why farmers today are more open to online retail stores. He discusses the various ways AgVend can help both farmers and ag retailers in as transparent a manner as possible. He also shares the values and culture he promotes in his company.



“The ones who start and get on track early are the ones who will be most successful.” – Alexander Reichert




This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What AgVend is and what it is designed to do.
  • The story that inspired him to start AgVend.
  • The reason behind the surge of online eCommerce platforms in the ag space.
  • How they develop their business strategies and project ideas.
  • How they guarantee a healthy and profitable platform.
  • Fixing constantly fluctuating quotations on online items.
  • Why customers would be inclined to use their platform.
  • The company values he instills in AgVend.



Manager Minute


  • Retrofitting a culture to a company is nearly impossible.



Key Takeaways:


  • Growers appreciate if they can work with retailers within their community.
  • Technological solutions that combine with the human element are the ones that stick.
  • Farmers today are more comfortable in obtaining information and buying ag products online.



Connect with Alexander Reichert:






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