Sandi Brock – Sheepishly Me Episodes


Shania’s Last Day

Shearing sheep, shipping lambs, finishing third cut hay and saying goodbye to a great student, employee and friend Shania.

Cover Crops and Costco Cards

Finally on the fields planting cover crops today. We typically plant a cover crop after wheat harvest for some soil health benefits and erosion prevention over the winter/spring months. We’ve made changes over the years after much trial and error, so this year is yet another new blend. Also, the old Ford was asking for an early retirement package, so after some price incentives, we got off our wallet and bought a new one. Who knew Costco would actually SAVE me money?

Makeup Challenge (Sheep Edition)

My daughter Jess is a huge YouTube fan. Unfortunately, not mine. So we thought we’d collaborate and test each other’s Vlogging knowledge. Her’s on sheep trivia, mine on makeup. Apparently, my knowledge is limited.

I can’t hear myself think

After a whirlwind trip to visit friends from Saskatchewan, the job that didn’t get done was weaning. Now, 2 days post holiday, I find myself here, without my girl Shania to help (who weans like a boss). Relying on the two I gave birth to, we managed to sort and wean in pretty record time.

He’s in my seat

Busy week of barn tours and wheat harvest. Also, I lost my seat on the buggy to a 16 year old.

Babies, Haybales & Birthday Cake

Back into the fields this week trying to make dry hay out of our second cut. Unfortunately, when it comes to hay, Mother Nature and I butt heads. A last minute change of forecast means scrambling around, calling in favours from awesome friends to get the hay baled and wrapped before the rain. Only to finish, and no rain. The struggle is real.
On a brighter note, we were able to get hay done just in time for Jessica’s 15th birthday. Thanks to Dairy Queen for the ice cream cake. I was in no humour to make one.

Toddlers & Tiaras

Lambing has begun yet again. A week early. So a bit of typical organized chaos in the barn and some longer days. Today however, our sheep district put on a lamb pen market competition at a local fair. This was great to see, as well as a 4-H show and open show that is new to this fair this year. We are putting sheep on the map YO!

Holiday Hangover

Back after almost a week away from the farm. Mark and I had a summer meeting in Niagara, then we got invited to attend the Calgary Stampede for 2 days over the weekend. AMAZING!
We all love going away, but no one enjoys the catch-up required when we get home. Today I was planning to pull CIDRs on the next group due to be bred this week. Problem is, today was the wrong day.

Working 9 to 5 (sort of)

Just another manic Monday. Not really, just another day. Today I thought I’d take you through chores with me. Although I excel at multi-tasking, it appears chores take twice as long when vlogging.

Sandi Brock – Our Tribute to #Plant17

This spring has been a difficult one for most of North America this year who’s livlihoods rely on crops and quite frankly, Mother Nature. Amy and I decided to have a bit of fun pulling out our favourite hashtags off Twitter from our fellow farmers. However, the fun led to a more serious conversation that we had been weighing heavily on our minds since seeing a tweet from a friend out west, Kim Keller. Kim had a call to action for all of us to start talking seriously about mental health in our rural communities, and asking for all to just do more. Kim, we couldn’t agree more.

Sandi Brock Vlog – Such Sweet Sorrow

A long day on the road, so I thought I’d bring my iphone and vlog along the way. Today started off with a morning meeting, then back home to load lambs for shipping. Tried to get these jobs done to free up my day tommorrow, where we say our final goodbyes to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known, my Grandpa.