Sandi Brock – Sheepishly Me Episodes

Emma’s Vlog (IT’S HER TURN!): Vlog 85

Today I had a sheep health meeting, and Emma needed to work on a school presentation for her co-op placement with me. So of course… she VLOGGED! I love this!

Drone Footage of Our Farm (Sheep & Grain): Vlog 84

Jack needed a break from calculus studies, so I asked him to take some footage of the farm with the drone.

Weighing Weaned Lambs (SPECIAL GUEST!): Vlog 83

Now that I can hear myself think… its time to get some weights on those weaned lambs. Kristen Kelderman came to help me weigh so we could see how the Grober machine-raised lambs did.

How We Wean Lambs (IT’S SO LOUD!): Vlog 82

My March born lambs are all ready to be weaned! SHEEPISH SHOUTOUT! (HI GUYS!!) Landon Smith, Keith Brettell

Hoof Trimming & Vaccinating Ewe Lambs: Vlog 81

This week Emma and I have been busy hoof trimming and vaccinating the next group of ewes due to lamb.

How We Shear Our Sheep (UPCLOSE FOOTAGE!): Vlog 80

Shearing day once again!

How I Lamb Yoga (A MOTHER’S DAY WISH): Vlog 79

So goat yoga isn’t really my jam… and I have a barn full of lambs. So LAMB YOGA it is! Think I should start a class? LOL. Wishing all the moms out there a VERY HAPPY Mother’s Day today.

Spreading Hay Seed & First Day of Corn Planting (CHECK OUT THIS RIG!): VLOG 78

Another day in the fields… Shawn started off our day by spreading the hay seed with his custom made unit that broadcasts the seed on top of the ground, I rolled later. Brett still Strip-Tilling, Mark began planting corn today.

Fertilizing Wheat, Strip Tilling & Shipping Lambs (A TALE OF TWO VLOGGERS): Vlog 77

Still on the land, but today you get a peak into Mark’s day… He bought a new Go Pro. I’m glad, as I forgot to Vlog the rest of my day after I got back from shipping lambs! Today we are fertilizing wheat, freshening up some strips for planting corn, shipping the remaining lambs, and I finished cleaning out the finishing barn.

Planting Peas & Oats For Sheep Feed (WE’RE ALMOST OUT OF FEED!): Vlog 76

Busy days ahead… spring has sprung, and so has fieldwork. This is day one of planting hay. First step was to plant down a nurse crop which we chose peas and oats. Shawn will be here in the next couple days to broadcast the alfalfa/grass mixture on top.

Post Breeding Sort (SEPARATING RAMS & EWES): Vlog 75

THIRD IN SERIES. Pulling rams out of the last breeding group for September lambs. They were left with ewes for 5 days only.

Breeding For September Lambs (ITS GO TIME!!): Vlog 74

BREEDING DAY! Pulled CIDRs yesterday and gave the ewes a dose of PMSG (to stimulate ovulation). Its about 28 hrs later, and just like clockwork, the ewes are starting to get frisky…

Creating Reports on the Gallagher Tsi (PART 3): Vlog 73

FINAL EPISODE IN THIS SERIES… Melissa shows how the new Tsi 2 is now WIFI compatable, and we talk about the new reports she helped me set up today. Brussels Agri Services are holding their annual Pasture Walk and will be demonstrating the Gallagher Tsi with cattle. Its on June 6th, 2018… Contact them for more info!


Entering Sheep Data on the Gallagher Tsi (PART 2): Vlog 72

PART 2 OF OUR DATA MANAGEMENT SERIES… ENTERING THE DATA I got Melissa to show us how to set up sessions using the Gallagher Tsi system. We used the info that I currently use, but its capable of much more. Little by little, I add more info as I get more comfortable with the system. Brussels Agri Services are holding their annual Pasture Walk and will be demonstrating the Gallagher Tsi with cattle. Its on June 6th, 2018… Contact them for more info!

Managing Sheep Data with Gallagher Tsi (NEW SERIES): Vlog 71

Part one of a flock management series introducing my Gallagher Tsi management system. Melissa Veldman is with me showing us the ins and outs of the system. Brussels Agri Services are holding their annual Pasture Walk and will be demonstrating the Gallagher Tsi with cattle. Its on June 6th, 2018… Contact them for more info!

Deciding When to Breed Ewe Lambs: Vlog 70

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked is regarding when and how I breed ewe lambs. I can take NO CREDIT for the information on these slides… They are a part of one of the best presentations I have seen on raising and breeding ewe lambs by Richard Ehrhardt Ph.D from MSU. Richards email: [email protected]

Installing an Automatic Lamb Milk Feeder: VLOG 69

We caved and finally purchased a new Grober Eco automatic lamb milk feeder. BEST DECISION EVER!

My Final Lambing Results – Vlog 68

The final results of last week’s lambing group.

My Post Lambing Checklist: Vlog 67

Lambing is nearly complete… But the work has just begun.

My Lambing Set up & Protocol | Vlog 66

Lambing has begun! Although most of this footage was taken Tuesday, I haven’t had a chance to edit until today…

Installing The Nest System Cameras in the Barn | Vlog 65

Lambing has begun… so I finally convinced Mark I needed some Lambing Cameras (Nanny Cams) in my barn so I could watch for lambs from anywhere I have my phone! They even work at night!!

Preparing A Lambing Kit | Vlog 64

Next week is GO TIME! After months of preparing for this, lambing is scheduled to begin next Monday. This week I like to dedicate time to organize what items I need to make lambing a bit easier. If there’s anything I missed, or little tricks of your own, PLEASE SHARE!!

Trip to Taiwan & Japan (Canadian Soybean Trade Mission): Vlog 63

Vlogging from overseas! Mark got asked to participate in a Canadian Soybean Trade Mission (representing farmers) in Taiwan and Japan, two very important trading partners with Canada. He thought it would be a good opportunity for me to see some countries I will likely never in my lifetime go visit, so I bought a ticket and joined him!

Winter Camping in new Hot Tent (Husband & Wife Test): Vlog 62

Mark took to Kijiji this week, and came home Thursday with a new (to us) hot tent. Winter camping is his new obsession. So, I figured I’d strap on some snow shoes after chores and see what the fuss is all about.

How I Use Lamb Data to help with Culling Decisions | Vlog 61

Today I ran my newly weaned lambs over the scale to get the much needed info for some ewe culling decisions. This vlog will discuss what things I base my culling criteria on.

Dad’s Coming Home. | Vlog 60

I finally convinced my teenagers to sit and do a vlog with me. My only bait was their father… So after 3 years of sitting as Chair of the Grain Farmers of Ontario, today Mark terms out. The kids reminisce about all the reasons they missed their dad.

Retrofitting Former Pig Barn Into a Sheep Barn | Vlog 59

Where our sheep farm began… a little description on the renovation process of what used to be a hog finishing barn, and how it was turned into our first sheep barn.

Feed Mangers Used For Ewes and Finishing Lambs | Vlog 58

Talking all about the feed mangers I have in the ewe barn and the lamb finishing barn. Also touch on the feed storage.

My Family, My Farm, My Mental Health. (hardest Vlog ever.) | Vlog 57

This week was the yearly #BellLetsTalk campaign. Every year I scan through my social media accounts and witness such courage, strength and compassion as we continue to spread the message that Mental Health Matters. This year was one that hit close to home with me with the unveiling of the #DoMoreAg campaign. To know we are creating a space where farmers feel safe to talk, safe to feel, safe to listen… it restores my faith in humanity in our broken world. I have struggled off and on with mental health upheavals in my life. I didn’t get help when I needed it most. So to see this happen, means the world to me. In this Vlog, I talk about my journey into sheep farming, touched on some family succession issues, and came clean about some challenges I’ve had in my life. DoMoreAg:

How We Make Sheep Feed Rations. | Vlog 56

Today my feed salesman and friend Jamie is here to help explain how we come up with feed rations for the sheep.

#TruckTruth: Dear Gwyneth Paltrow… | Vlog 55

Just a friendly reminder that not everyone should be considered a health guru… At the end of the day, we are getting duped, and someone is getting rich.

What Breed of Sheep Do We Have? | Vlog 54

A discussion all about sheep breeds. Shepherd’s Choice (John & Eadie Steele):


How I Clean Out the Sheep Barn | Vlog 53

Cleaning out 2 of the 4 pens in the sheep barn today. Long overdue thanks to winter.


CIDR Application in Ewe Lambs | Vlog 52

Today I begin the next step of my breeding program for a group of replacement ewe lambs, inserting CIDRS to sync their heats. I’ll be leaving these in for 12 days, then pull and give a shot of PMSG to stimulate ovulation, and add rams 24 hrs after that. Ewe lambs are tricky. They aren’t used to being handled, and most certainly not handled in their lady parts.

How I Plan My Breeding Program | Vlog 51

Today I had to get my ewes sorted for my next breeding group that gets CIDRs on Thursday. I have pre-selected some before Christmas that are destined for the stockyard, but today I need to add some that were second repeater open at last scan (they get two chances). I also took some time to introduce you quickly to how I plan my breeding program. Full disclosure… Planners do not work in my personal life, but I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT them in my barn!

Top 10 Winter Hacks! (barn edition): Vlog 50

Chores in the winter suck. Here are 10 things I do that have gotten me through this one so far… (but its only January).

Euthanizing A Ewe (Sad Day) | Vlog49

The New Year didn’t quite begin as happily as I had hoped. My sweet ewe Ruthie has been slowly getting skinnier over the last month. She’s been a trouper and kept her appetite and positive attitude throughout, but today, she looked sad. It was time. These are the days a farmer dreads. When we know there is nothing more we can do for the animal, and when we realize the only humane thing to do is the euthanize. My only solace is I got to say goodbye, and she died with her daughter Ruby and me by her side. The music was borrowed by a good friend Ginelle James. I fell in love with this song long ago, but she posted this version right before Christmas and I knew I had to ask if I could use it for this very special Vlog. Check this song out here.. Thank you so much Ginelle for this song and the gift of your beautiful music.

Christmas With The Brocks. | Vlog 48

Hoping you all have had a wonderful week with your loved ones, I took some time off Vlogging to enjoy the parties, family dinners, and frozen everything (not enjoyable), but finally put together some footage of our Christmas Day.

Corn Harvest 2017 | Vlog 47

Still at corn. Its been kind of a thing for over a month now. Today, lambing is starting to trickle out of a group due this Tuesday.

Worklife Balance. Farmer Style. | Vlog 46

Back in another random parking lot with my good buddy Amy. This time we rant about the mythological creature known as ‘Worklife Balance’. What is that even? And more to the point, how is that even possible on a farm? Kudos to us all who are flying by the seat of our pants, keeping our families functioning, and celebrating our hotmess we call life.

Vaccinating, Handling Systems & Date Night. | Vlog 45

Today, Marty & I spent the afternoon vaccinating my ewe lambs for Chlamydia. A dirty little bug that can cause early abortions during pregnancy. This was also the first time I got to use my updated handling system. Wow. Game-changer. I only wish I did this ages ago.

Our Sheep Barn. | Vlog 44

Introducing you to our barn and hopefully answering some questions many viewers have had on why we built this style of barn, some dimensions and a brief overview of how stuff works.

Top 10 Annoying Lambing Things. | Vlog 43

As you know, I love lambs. Love bringing them into this world. Love watching them grow and frolic. However, lambing itself is one of the most stressful times around the farm. Yesterday marked day 8 of this group that just seems to have enough struggles. I thought I’d Vlog about my Top 10 Most Annoying Things about lambing. There. I feel better now. Bring on the rest of the lambs. I can do this.

Barn Visitors and a Big Thank You. | Vlog 42

A rainy Sunday with another group of ewes just beginning to lamb. Also had some special visitors come hang out with the flock. And finally a big thank you for something special that happened to me this week. Follow me on my new Facebook Page:

Breeding Ewes with a side of Bean Harvest. | Vlog 41

Pulling CIDRs on my next breeding group of ewes to prepare for breeding tomorrow. Back on the land after 2 weeks of on and off rains to catch up with soybean harvest.

Domestically Me. | Vlog 40

Its Saturday night. I’m in my not so happy place, my kitchen. Ever since my rant last week with Amy, the weather has forced this imprisonment. SO, I have been YouTubing meal preps, so someday, if we ever get back out to the field, I’ll be ready! My good friend Lauren is with me and we are sharing our favourite easy overnight oat recipe.

Here is the recipe:
1/2 cup Quick Oats
1/3 cup milk
1 tsp chia seeds
1/4 cup yogurt
1 tbsp maple syrup (or honey)
~~and top with whatever your heart desires!
For more recipes and info all about grain, check our Good in Every Grain here:

#TruckTruth | Hot Mess at Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow Canadians out there! To celebrate the start of this weekend, Amy and I got together for lunch and got talking about harvest. A bit of ranting, a bit of wine. So now we share our findings with you all! Check out our friends Angie, Karen and Jen over at GirlsTalkAg Podcast… this is their jam.…

Just a little off the edges. | Vlog 39

Today my new co-op student Marty and I are hoof trimming and vaccinating some rams, and my next group of ewes due to lamb end of next month.

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend. | Vlog #38

A hot Sunday here on the farm and we are trying to get some tiling wrapped up before bean harvest that looks like it may be starting next week. Last year we bought a tile plow to help us fix old tile or add small runs where fields are low lying, or prone to flooding. This technology is probably one of my favourites on our farm. And the best part?… we have it all on recorded with our GPS and mapping. So no searching for old hand-drawn maps, and struggling to find the buried old tiles.

Whole Lotta Lambing Going On. | Vlog 37

I’m back in the barn! Another group is lambing. This episode speaks a little bit about a special ewe, Poppy. I’m also tagging, weighing and recording lambs that are about a day old.

My Jersey Girls. | Vlog 36

Its a 4-H teenager takeover!! Today is Jess, Sadee and Myah’s 4-H achievement day at Kirkton Fair. A fair thats near and dear to my heart. The dairy 4-H club has grown from 10 members when I began leading about 13 years ago, to one of almost 40 kids today! My days as a leader may be over, but my heart will always be in Kirkton.

#TruckTruth | Ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues.

Amy and I are back. In her truck. Where we recap our Summer2017, or what we call “the summer that never was”. In true Sandi & Amy style, we rant about the weather, about Twitter fighting and Taylor Swift. But as the conversation progressed, we dug a bit deeper. This summer proved to be pretty life-changing for Amy, and she thought it was time to share.

Shania’s Last Day

Shearing sheep, shipping lambs, finishing third cut hay and saying goodbye to a great student, employee and friend Shania.

Cover Crops and Costco Cards

Finally on the fields planting cover crops today. We typically plant a cover crop after wheat harvest for some soil health benefits and erosion prevention over the winter/spring months. We’ve made changes over the years after much trial and error, so this year is yet another new blend. Also, the old Ford was asking for an early retirement package, so after some price incentives, we got off our wallet and bought a new one. Who knew Costco would actually SAVE me money?

Makeup Challenge (Sheep Edition)

My daughter Jess is a huge YouTube fan. Unfortunately, not mine. So we thought we’d collaborate and test each other’s Vlogging knowledge. Her’s on sheep trivia, mine on makeup. Apparently, my knowledge is limited.

I can’t hear myself think

After a whirlwind trip to visit friends from Saskatchewan, the job that didn’t get done was weaning. Now, 2 days post holiday, I find myself here, without my girl Shania to help (who weans like a boss). Relying on the two I gave birth to, we managed to sort and wean in pretty record time.

He’s in my seat

Busy week of barn tours and wheat harvest. Also, I lost my seat on the buggy to a 16 year old.

Babies, Haybales & Birthday Cake

Back into the fields this week trying to make dry hay out of our second cut. Unfortunately, when it comes to hay, Mother Nature and I butt heads. A last minute change of forecast means scrambling around, calling in favours from awesome friends to get the hay baled and wrapped before the rain. Only to finish, and no rain. The struggle is real.
On a brighter note, we were able to get hay done just in time for Jessica’s 15th birthday. Thanks to Dairy Queen for the ice cream cake. I was in no humour to make one.

Toddlers & Tiaras

Lambing has begun yet again. A week early. So a bit of typical organized chaos in the barn and some longer days. Today however, our sheep district put on a lamb pen market competition at a local fair. This was great to see, as well as a 4-H show and open show that is new to this fair this year. We are putting sheep on the map YO!

Holiday Hangover

Back after almost a week away from the farm. Mark and I had a summer meeting in Niagara, then we got invited to attend the Calgary Stampede for 2 days over the weekend. AMAZING!
We all love going away, but no one enjoys the catch-up required when we get home. Today I was planning to pull CIDRs on the next group due to be bred this week. Problem is, today was the wrong day.

Working 9 to 5 (sort of)

Just another manic Monday. Not really, just another day. Today I thought I’d take you through chores with me. Although I excel at multi-tasking, it appears chores take twice as long when vlogging.

Sandi Brock – Our Tribute to #Plant17

This spring has been a difficult one for most of North America this year who’s livlihoods rely on crops and quite frankly, Mother Nature. Amy and I decided to have a bit of fun pulling out our favourite hashtags off Twitter from our fellow farmers. However, the fun led to a more serious conversation that we had been weighing heavily on our minds since seeing a tweet from a friend out west, Kim Keller. Kim had a call to action for all of us to start talking seriously about mental health in our rural communities, and asking for all to just do more. Kim, we couldn’t agree more.

Sandi Brock Vlog – Such Sweet Sorrow

A long day on the road, so I thought I’d bring my iphone and vlog along the way. Today started off with a morning meeting, then back home to load lambs for shipping. Tried to get these jobs done to free up my day tommorrow, where we say our final goodbyes to the most wonderful man I’ve ever known, my Grandpa.