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Podcast Episodes

What the Farm Podcast – Aleana Young cheesy dreams

Aleana Young took a leap of faith and opened her own specialty cheese shop in Regina, Saskatchewan. Now she deals directly with the end consumer everyday, providing them with poetic descriptions of her imported cheeses. Listen as she tells Rob and Lesley what she has l

Salt of the Earth Podcast – MagGro

In this episode, CEO Gary Wickham outlines some recent successes for this innovative precision-farming solution, assisting farmers meet their twin profitability and sustainability goals, whilst protecting the environment. Dublin-based MagGrow is a patented and propriet

OntarioAgCast – Cody Creelman, Disruptor Cow Vet

Cody Creelman, Disruptor Cow Vet on life changes, keeping up in the digital world and jumping in with both feet. Visit Cody's website here codycreelman.com

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Synthetic Biology with Dr. John Cumbers of SynBioBeta

Dr. John Cumbers is the founder of SynBioBeta. SynBioBeta prides itself as the premier innovation network for innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, and biological engineers. Their focus is introducing synthetic biology innovations to improve the human condition and make

Shark Farmer Podcast – Alyssa Badger strength in confidence

Alyssa Badger is one of the most impressive people you'll ever meet. Listen as she talks about building her career without a college education, and struggling to overcome an assault.

Ag Tech So What Podcast logo

Agtech….so what podacast – Rachel Hay on the role of women in agtech adoption

Dr. Rachel Hay is a social scientist at James Cook University who has uncovered some insights into agtech adoption through her work in behaviour change.  Rachel‘s PhD focused on agtech adoption, highlighting the importance of grazier women in the use and adopt

What the Farm Podcast – Allison Woodward beet and great

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Making sense of oxygen sensors

What every farmer needs to know!

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Only a little is good… when it comes to valve lash…that is!

You need to understand the importance of proper valve clearance.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Genetic Testing for Soil with Dr. Poornima Parameswaran of Trace Genomics

Dr. Poornima Parameswaran is the President and Co-Founder of Trace Genomics. Trace Genomics is a company that based its business around mapping living soil, analyzing its microbial content, and helping growers maximize yield potential without sacrificing sustainability.