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AgTech…So What Podcast – Victor Friedberg on Systems Investing and Transition from Commodity

There aren’t very many Venture Capital funds focused on food systems transformation, but today’s guest co-founded one of them. Victor Friedberg is the co-founder of S2G ventures, a Chicago-based firm that has backed companies across the ag and food industries such a

Shark Farmer Podcast – Kylie Epperson rising from ashes

Imagine investing everything into something on your farm... only to see it go up in flames.Listen to Kylie Epperson talk about her views on farming and more.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Thomson & Joseph

David Atherton, CEO of Thomson & Joseph, a UK-based dairy nutritionist and soils expert, provides some background to an intriguing soil-improvement programme that he has helped pioneer.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Better under pressure… your farm tires that is.

Learn how your tires are the key to soil health.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Bringing People to the Table to Innovate in Animal Agriculture with Kerryann Kocher

Kerryann Cocher is a Principal at Rock Road Consulting, a practice that focuses on improving the translation of science and technology into something that will give value to farmers, ranchers, and other producers. Kerryann specializes in helping struggling ag businesses

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Agtech…So What Podcast – Tim Hammerich on Careers in AgTech

Tim Hammerich is the Founder of AgGrad and the host of the Future of Agriculture podcast. Tim grew up on a hobby farm in Northern California selling pigs, goats and ducks. After 8 years working in a feed and grain business, Tim saw an underserved market for helping youn

Shark Farmer Podcast – Daniel Carmichael carving his own path

Do you return to the family business or blaze your own trail? Daniel Carmichael could have settled into a comfortable life in the family business, Maplehurst Farms. Instead he decided to take a different path in Silicon Valley.

Future of Agriculture – Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture at Scale with Shonda Warner of Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners

Shonda Warner is the Owner of Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners, an asset management business that specializes in investing in the agricultural industry. She has over 25 years of experience in financial asset management and once held the position of Executive Director at G

Shark Farmer Podcast – Cameron Hingtgen the future of agriculture

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: What you don’t hear may be causing problems!

How to identify electromotive interference in your equipment.