Podcast Episodes

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast – First Hand Account of the Wildfires in Kansas

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are stepping away from their one on one conversation to talk to two people helping with the wildfires affecting Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas. Denton Clark of Clark Farms went to help with fire mitigation, as he states, ther

Ontario AgCast – Ed Donkers

Ed Donkers is this years Breakfast on the Farm host. We talk dairy goats, yoga and ballroom dancing. 0:10 Not all dairy farmers have cows. 4:50 Dairy goats are NOT just little dairy cows. 8:50 Goat raisins - even vegans won't eat them. 10:50 Turning a disaster into an

Future of Agriculture: Cows-Canada-and Quotas with Wendell Schumm of Wallenstein Feed and the Ontario AgCast

To better understand what’s going on in the agriculture business, looking outside the boundaries is a must. Knowing how other countries do things help the agriculture industry see the bigger picture and understand how things work together in a global viewpoint.

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Trent Cadra – Going through the wildfires

Trent Cadra is a rancher in Texas who was struck by the wildfires. Although you really wouldn't know it by talking to him. Even with suffering a loss he is focused on others. Special thanks to Julie Tomascik Please visit http://thunderstruckag.com/ promo code: s

Ontario AgCast – Bruce Sargent

1:00 Growing up on a farm A.K.A. forced labour 5:15 Maxime Bernier - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 9:35 Bananas in Moose Jaw? 14:30 This should be every politicians answer to every question 17:00 Scrap a system that works and create a new milk tax - duh, good plan 2

Future of Agriculture 044: Grassfed Beef Through Adaptive Multi-Paddock Grazing with Russ Conser of Standard Soil

On today’s episode of Future of Agriculture Podcast, my guest is an engineer by who was born in Nebraska and grew up as a city kid in Omaha. Russ Conser eventually fell in-love with energy which started his decades-long career in Shell Oil where he learned more about o

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jerod McDaniel & myths of bottle feeding pics

Jerod McDaniel completely destroys the good feelings that I would get when someone would post a picture of a bottle-feeding calf. He’s got an amazing story of taking over the farm at the age of 18. Please support our advertisers https://mcagronomics.com/ Times

The Farmer & The City Girl – Shopping Preferences & Food Deserts

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about why people shop at the grocery store they do. What factors in their preferred habits. And then they chat about food deserts what they are, where they are and what programs are out there combating them. FEEDBACK

Ontario AgCast – Kevin McArter – Nobody has a better voice than an auctioneer

Show notes: 1:30 Why beef farmers and bankers make good partners 6:40 Western cattle- Ontario or bust! 9:50 Senior A Hockey- if you're not Canadian you won't understand 11:50 Wendell accidentally buys a steer. And overpays 16:15 Lubricating the auctioneer- with sc

Future of Agriculture 043: Sharing Ag With Over 2 Million People – Joel Cowley President and CEO of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo