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Podcast Episodes

Ontario AgCast – Terry Nuhn – Family Farms Support Family Businesses

0:30 Hay rules. Suck it corn and soybean growers. 1:50 When a mommy deer and a daddy elk love each other very, very much…. 5:00 Family farm, family business. 7:30 Make hay when the sun shines. 11:00 Preservatives. Good or evil? 13:45 Vibrators and podcas

Future of Agriculture – A Future Without Bacon and Eggs is No Future At All with Hannah Thompson-Weeman of the Animal Agriculture Alliance

If you are a typical American who enjoys bacon and eggs for breakfast, can you imagine a future without them? If you are a doctor, a dietician or someone in the health and wellness industry, would you consider a diet without meat – chicken, pork or beef – a healthy a

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Nate Chittenden… ya I know

Nate Chittenden should be banned from Snapchat. However, he does some very good things for agriculture. Giving tours of his dairy is a high priority. Please visit our sponsor http://thunderstruckag.com/ Promo code: sharkfarmer   Time Stamps: 8:19   

The Shark Farmer Podcast -Bonus Cut – Nate Chittenden explains dairy co-ops

Nate Chittenden talks about current dairy issues on this bonus cut.

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast – Chemical Drift – aka Rob Sharkey’s All Time Favorite Subject

{A must listen if you live near a farm and have any prejudice or concerns about chemicals infiltrating your garden or property.} In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about chemicals. Where they go when farmers use them? Are they more dangerous tha

Ontario AgCast – Hans Weber Stonetown Cheese

It's Canadian Dairy Expo week so we are talking cheese, cheese and cheese! Hans Weber brought his family to Canada from Switzerland and fills us in on milking cows and making award winning cheese on the same farm. Find out what booze goes best with different cheeses and

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Rural Living Sheep Ranching and Totes MaGoats with Sara Hollenbeck of Hollenbeck Ranch

Today’s guest grew up in Grass Valley, California. Sara Hollenbeck lives with her husband on a ranch in Molt, Montana called the Hollenbeck Ranch. Together with her husband and in-laws, Sara manages a sheep operation in Molt on top of many other diverse things they do

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Natalie Newell will cut you

Natalie Newell is a mom that doesn’t put up with fear mongering celebrity activist. So much so that she is making a movie promoting common sense in food science, vaccines, and children’s health. Plus we rip on the stupid decision Cargill has made. Want to order RR

Grow Smart with BASF – What Happens When Nothing Happens?

Listen in as Dr. Larry Steckel of the University of Tennessee runs an Engenia(TM) Herbicide demo with the hopes of having no results.

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast – Container Gardens, 5 Tips From a Farmer

In this episode, Rob and Carrie are chatting about container gardening, tips and myths. They chat about what they are, and Rob gives advice on pests and how to tell if a plant is stressed, soil considerations, and debunks some of the more common myths. Each g