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The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode – What’s a Traditional Farmer

In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about who agriculture promotes as the face of farming Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 5pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions

Ontario AgCast – Matthew Pot – Making Commodity Markets Interesting

1:30 Growing up on a dairy farm – Wine isn’t the only great drink they produce in Niagara. 2:55 Is brick a soil type? 6:20 High school Matt was not a nerd. That happened later. 9:10 Commodity markets and chess – both require deep thought. 14:40 Matt claim

Future of Agriculture – Diversity and Inclusion in Agriculture with Marcus Hollan of the Cultivating Change Foundation

Today’s guest grew up in Mariposa, California and has viewed the world from different lenses as a youth through the 4-H Youth Program. Marcus Hollan attributes his distinctiveness and success to his involvement in such programs when he was younger which allowed him to

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Lindsay Persico doesn’t farm

Lindsay Persico doesn't farm.... but she's one of the strongest gals I know (both physically and emotionally) Listen as she talks about the tough decisions she's made to be a good example for her kids. http://www.farmruralag.com/   Timestamps: 11:36 Her ta

The Farmer and the City Girl – Practice what you preach

In this episode, Rob shares his experience advocating at an event. Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 5pm central.

Ontario AgCast – Vanessa and Matt Dirksen

The Dirksen’s – the definition of a family farm.   1:50 Every family needs an Opa. 4:30 Vanessa calls Wendell old. 7:00 An off-farm job can be a valuable learning experience. 10:20 If you are a John Deere fan, you might want to skip this part. 14

Future Of Agriculture – Old Farm with New Ideas with Coley Jones Drinkwater of Richland Farms Dairy

Coley Jones Drinkwater belongs to a third-generation family of farmers who tend to and sustain the Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, Virginia. Richlands Farm has been a dairy farm since the 1950s. Coley’s story makes you see life in agriculture from different perspective

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Steven Ellis likes haiku

Steven Ellis is a Virginia farmer who is a connoisseur of the Japanese poetry, haiku. He talks to us about the differences he sees from farming in the "I" states. Plus how ag social media has changed. Please visit our advertiser @BASFproducts Time Stamps: 8:3

Grow Smart with BASF Podcast – Cotton Farmer Outta Compton

Weeds, wine, sand-fighting season, turn row meltdowns – all part of Mike Lass’ story, from California to growing cotton in the South Plains of Texas.

Ontario AgCast – Bruce Sargent

If Dairy Farmers cost Maxime Bernier the leadership, then Bruce Sargent is the Dragon Slayer. 3:00 How to get farmers attention, by Maxime Bernier. 6:30 Recruiting members for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). 8:45 Bruce does Max according to Dr Seuss. 13