Podcast Episodes

The Farmer and the City Girl Podcast – Gadgets and Indoor Gardens

"The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 016 - "Gadgets and Indoor Gardens" In this episode, Carrie and Rob are chatting about what they think are the coolest gadgets that apply to farming. Rob talks about using satellite imagery to help farmers scout their

Grow Smart With BASF Podcast – Rice Rice Baby

Rice farming in the Arkansas Delta, socialism, Ernest Hemingway, duck hunting – and Donnarie rapping. Yep, it’s all here.

Ontario AgCast – Sandi Brock

2:25 Growing up on a dairy farm in Paris – not a hostage situation. 4:15 I miss the 80’s…. said no one ever. 7:00 You don’t have to do what your parents do. 11:10 Poor Sandi. Alone with her sheep. 12:20 What’s a shepherd anyway? 14:45 Sheep birth

Future of Agriculture – The Power of A Plant with Stephen Ritz of Green Bronx Machine

Today’s guest is from the Bronx in New York. His journey to agriculture started accidentally while he was dealing with student conflict in his class. From zero agricultural background, Stephen Ritz created a system – a whole school program that changed how the studen

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Mandy Rizzo… ignorance isn’t malicious

Mandy Rizzo has some good lessons for the rest of us on how to deal with ignorant people.... because ignorance isn’t malicious. From her experience with Autism to a really bad joke... this one has it all   Please visit our advertiser http://winklerstructure

Ontario AgCast – Robyn Walsh

  Robyn Walsh is our Favorite Newfie. Now Bring on the Robot Overlords. 1:20 Milking cows and growing corn on the Rock. 4:10 Canadian history according to Wendell. 5:50 Robyn claims to be a triple threat. Pretty sure that means drama queen. 7:50 Robot

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Strategic Communications and Balancing Side Hustles with James Garner of Cogent Communications

Today’s guest is my close friend, James Garner. He is a partner in a company called Cogent Communications that does public affairs work in agriculture and agricultural businesses in Sacramento, California. For ten years, he has been a part of a band called Johnny Cash

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Chad Ingels tuggin away at heartstrings

Chad Ingels talks about how wonderful life is raising two children with Down’s Syndrome. He talks about the total experience, from fear to pride, and why he openly shares pictures on social media. Plus, cover crops and sitting on board of directors. Please visit our

The Farmer and the City Girl – Food Influencers

Food Influencers aren't just people like it was twenty years ago. In this episode Rob and Carrie are sharing their thoughts on so called diet Food Influencers, celebrity chefs, and how what we see, read and watch actually influences how we eat.

Grow Smart Podcast – New Kids on the Block

Ag is becoming more progressive and offering new career opportunities beyond the farm. Donnarie dishes with Tim Hammerich of AgGrad and college student, Derek Doeing about the Future of Ag.