Podcast Episodes

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Greg Manning growin bacca

Greg Manning is North Carolina through and through. We talk growin bacca and getting married. His interview starts at 8:35. Rachael Spangelo gives a quick update on the wildfires to help call Sheriff Clay 406-977-2540 to donate hay 406-853-1287 please visit o

The Farmer and the City Girl – Educating kids about Cosmic Brownies

How important is Ag Education? In this episode, Marci Goodwin and Rob Sharkey are talking about the importance of teaching agriculture in schools. Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 6pm central. We'll be asking you your opinions

Ontario AgCast – Bob Hunsberger – Our Contract with Pigs

  0:25 Pigs are good to us and we are good to pigs. 3:30 Finally someone Wendell can talk history with. 5:30 Free run pork and eggs before it was fashionable. 7:30 On attending “grade 14” 8:50 For some reason, Bob doesn’t believe Wendell wasn’t

Future of Agriculture – Farmer Feedback on AgTech Ideas with Kevin Heikes and Kyle Morrow

Today’s guests allow us to look at agricultural technology and entrepreneurship from two different perspectives. Kyle Heikes is part of the IN10T, a digital agricultural company that created Farmer Trials. Farmer Trials is a platform that connects people who have new ide

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Natalina Sents sleeps in parking lots

Natalina Sents spent a year going to all 50 states to meet farmers. It gives her a very unique view on how agriculture should interact with the public. Time Stamps: 7:37 Fight for what you want 16:20 Role of a farm wife 23:40 Telling your story (this is good)

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast –  The true cost of organics 

In this episode,Kellee James and Rob Sharkey are talking about how much people are willing to pay for organics. Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 6pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions

Grow Smart with BASF – We’re Nuts For Almonds

You say “almond,” she says “am-mend.” As Almond Girl Jenny, this hull-splitting, tree-shaking, fourth-generation nutty farm girl talks about the crop that’s our favorite go-to snack.

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast – Food Waste

In this episode, Lesley Kelly and Rob Sharkey are talking about how much food we waste. Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 6pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions 

Ontario AgCast – Viren D’souza – Not a Robot

0:45 What kind of a name is Viren anyway? 3:40 Viren’s surprising childhood 6:00 Stranded in a strange country without his parents. 7:15 Being the only brown kid in grade 9. 10:15 Our own immigrant success story. 11:45 Viren’s TV career is tragically cut

Future of Agriculture – 5 Takeaways From The First 60 Episodes

While having guests and learning from people with different perspectives are the typical setup of this show, stopping to reflect on the things that have been discussed and talked about is an excellent way of seeing the learning, growth, and future direction of the program.