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Podcast Episodes

Ontario AgCast – Talking Trade

Three shows in One. Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts Canadian Pork Council Public Relations Manager,  Gary Stordy Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Jeff Leal     1:50 Governor Ricketts says nice things about Canada. 6:10 Modernizing NAFTA wit

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Misfit Farmers with Scott Wettstein and Dr. Curt Livesay from Dynamite Ag

Do we take basic decision making for granted? Do we just assume that our practices in the past should be our practices in the future? Using data based information, there may be ways to become more efficient and productive while saving money and resources. Dr. Curt Lives

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Sean Stanford fightin fires

Sean Stanford is a man that wears many hats. A guy that puts family and community first.... but don't get me wrong, I don't like him. timestamps: 7:40 buying a farm 13:28 Being a volunteer fireman 19:23 the tough calls 25:35 dealing with anxiety 33:58 you

The Farmer and the City Girl – The slime that cost ABC 177 gazillion

In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking about the infamous pink slime reporting   Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 7pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions 

The Ontario AgCast – Jullia Schumm

What I did on my summer vacation. Corn, beans and cows.

Future of Agriculture – Finding The Right People for Your Agribusiness with Bob Broeckelman

There was a time when people found a job and stayed there for most of their working lives. Those times are in the past with modern statistics saying that 67% of employees leave a first job within the first 2 years. Having a job that is a good fit is not only important for

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Ginelle James is on my playlist

Ginelle James is just a down-home country gal.... who just happens to have an amazing voice. Listen as she talks about working in ag while trying to break into country music. Timestamp 9:30 her singing side gig 24:52 the "it" factor 37:22 making a video 40:2

The Farmer and the City Girl – Time to re-brand this SOB

The Farmer & The City Girl Podcast Episode 031 - When you aren't reaching your goals.... ask for help Lesley Kelly agrees to be my co-host Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 6pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions  

Ontario AgCast – Kelly Daynard

Catching up with the new Executive Director of Farm and Food Care Ontario   2:30 Navigating all of the different organizations trying to help farmers. 4:40 Gathering consumer data and then deciding how to use it. 7:20 Wendell and Kelly tell tales about bei

Future of Agriculture – Technology for Grazing Management With Byron Palmer and Christine Su of PastureMap

Grasslands and grazing cattle go hand in hand. Yet, grazing cattle can be a complex process with things like dynamic business practices, the ecology of the grasses, and the biology of the animal all needing to be considered. Grass-fed beef and other grass-fed agricultural