Podcast Episodes

Future of Agriculture: Agtech Foodtech and Ag Entrepreneurship with Louisa Burwood-Taylor of Agfunder

AgTech has experienced quite a boom over the years. There is no question that innovation can boost tremendous improvements in the Agriculture industry. And like me, many Agriculture professionals and business owners are curious and eagerly awaiting the next big thing fro

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Andy Pasztor confuses me

Andy Pasztor confuses me please visit my sponsor Mcgillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics https://mcagronomics.com/ Timestamp: 10:03 Andy's pickle 16:35 ginseng is in viagra 20:27 #andyclean 24:45 Chris Soules is the best agvocate ever 28:35 #reall

The Farmer & The City Girl – Big Ag, Hobby Farms and Birthrights

In this episode, Carrie is trying to understand and Rob is trying to explain, the farmer mentality when it comes to hobby farms, intermediate size farms, big ag and corporate farms. They talk about everything from the size of your tractor, the types of farm entities,

Ontario AgCast – Philip Shaw – Farmer, Economist, Speaker, Good Guy

Philip Shaw – Farmer, Economist, Speaker, Good Guy 0:50 Why Canadian sugar beets are processed in the US 3:10 Phil explains why Ontario farmers grow better corn than most US states including Illinois 9:00 Consumers really just want cheap food 13:50 Food is not li

Future of Agriculture: The Return of the Most Entertaining Man in Agriculture, Damian Mason

Most of you will remember today’s guest, Damian Mason, from Episode 04 of the Future of Agriculture Podcast. His charm, humor, and intellect makes him a truly unforgettable person. He is a well-known keynote speaker, coach, and consultant in the agriculture industry.

Shark Farmer Podcast: Farm & Rural Ag Network launch

Now you can find all the best agriculture podcast in one place!!! Listen to the three founders talk about #FRAN

Grow Smart with BASF: The 100 bushel per acre Soybean Challenge

Chasing the yields in Indiana, aiming for the magic 100 bushel/acre mark. Listen in as a grower in Indiana discusses how he took on the challenge with help from BASF.

Ontario AgCast: Cody Creelman, Cow Vet

Dr. Cody Creelman received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with distinction in 2006 from the University of Alberta and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Cody grew up near Beaverlodge, Alberta on a commercial

The Farmer & The City Girl: Cover Crops

In this episode Carrie wants to know what cover crops are, what their actual purpose is and why they help regular harvested crops. Rob tries to keep it non-political, but eventually they discuss the pro vs anti cover crop guys. Then they discuss the Milwaukee Cryp

Shark Farmer: Meg Brown Holds Nothing Back

Meg Brown pretty well blew me away with her honesty. Listen as she talks about mental health in agriculture. Timestamps: 6:38       Two headed cows 12:57     Showing consumers the truth 23:29     SM success without booty shorts 30:18     Ca