Podcast Episodes

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Brooke Clay started from the bottom….

Brooke Clay is on a mission to change the way people view agriculture. Listen as we talk about her #Rulalinfluencer retreat and her experiences with online dating. Also listen to clips from Jessica Willingham and Erin Brown please visit our advertiser https://www.

The Farmer and the City Girl Podcast – Deep thoughts on tillage and casserole

In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking about different types of tillage Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 7pm central. We'll be asking you to share your opinions

Ontario AgCast – Jenn Pfenning

Migrant Farm Workers Are An Important Part of Our Rural Communities. Jenn lets us in on the great baby carrot scam and explains that their temporary foreign agriculture workers are family.   Check out Pfenning’s Organic Farm on the Web http://pfenningsfa

Future of Agriculture – How Biotechnology Can Make Us Healthier with Andry Andriankaja and Carl Andre of BASF

  Andry Andriankaja is an agronomist that specializes in the field of plant biotechnology. Carl Andre is the research manager for the EPA-DHA Canola project at the BASF Plant Science Department who studied how plants convert simple sugars to oil as well as plant

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Rheannon Ehlers Zumba Queen

Rheannon Ehlers is the Zumba Queen of Iowa... or something. Listen as we talk about her being cheap and social media. Please visit our sponsor https://www.farmersedge.ca/   Time stamp: 9:55 meeting Nick 31:47 best joke ever 35:58 social media

The Farmer and the City Girl – Kevin Folta talks hurricane Irma

In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking to Dr. Kevin Folta about Hurricane Irma's affect on Florida agriculture Here is what Kevin has been up to: https://youtu.be/9EKFO3sf5EA   Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 7pm central. We

Ontario AgCast – Brett Myers, S**thaven Farms

1:10 What do you mean you’ve never heard of Punkydoodles Corner? 2:30 Things Holstein Canada WON’T let you name your cows. 4:30 Brett’s in the business of making milk. Period. 8:45 Family Farming ups and downs. 13:30 Supply Management, yes or no? 15:20

Future of Agriculture – Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Ag with Joe Swartz of American Hydroponics

Joe Swartz is the Vice President of Commercial Sales and Technical Support at American Hydroponic, a.k.a AmHydro. AmHydro is a small company in the United States that designs and builds innovative hydroponic systems, a soil-free way to grow plants, and have been doing so for

GrowSmart with BASF Podcast – GrowSmart Podcast – Jason Yaeger

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Nathan Leeper can jump real high

Nathan Leeper can jump real high, so high it took him to the Olympics. But he's here to talk about how he overcame alcoholism with the help of his friends and family.   Please visit my sponsor https://www.farmersedge.ca/   time stamp: 7:45 Oly