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Podcast Episodes

Future of Agriculture – Investment Banking in Agriculture with Wall Street Cowboy Chris Narayanan of C.R. Narayanan and Co

Chris Narayanan is a US Marine Corps veteran, and the President & CEO of C.R. Narayanan and Co., a veteran-owned investment banking firm that provides services to both companies and investors linked to the agribusiness supply chain. Chris obtained hands-on experience

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Katie Pinke dealing with curveballs

Katie Pinke is from one of the Dakotas... honestly I don't remember which one. However, she has been rocking through life no matter what's been thrown at her. Listen as we talk about life and social media. Please visit our advertiser The Farmers Edge

GrowSmart Podcast – Rob Sharkey Dishes Dirt Road Tour Dirt

Can Donnarie get ag podcast king Rob Sharkey to break down and reveal his softer side? Listen in as they recap their summer Dirt Road Tour.

The Farmer and the City Girl – Cara Harbstreet, RD (really dope)

This week Rob learns about guest host Cara Harbstreet RD Cara talks about how interactions with the Kansas Pork Board changed her opinions on her diet.

Ontario AgCast – Russell Gammon

How You Earn the Nickname Mr Jersey   0:55 A big, long name that really means “that Jersey Guy” 4:00 Dairy genetics have come a long way since disco. 5:40 Genomics – Who’s your daddy? 7:45 CRISPR – Custom build dairy cows? 11:30 Celebrating a d

Future of Agriculture – A Level Playing Field For Farmers Through Data with Charles Baron of Farmers Business Network

Charles Baron is the Co-Founder of Farmers Business Network, an idea conceived by farmers for farmers. The company aims to gather unbiased and objective information with regards to agronomics and commodities. The idea is to pool available data from individual farmers, so e

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Trevor Scherman, just try to keep up

Trevor Scherman is definitely a man that is always looking to tomorrow. Listen as he talks about returning to the farm and getting a patent, all while having a very short attention span. please visit our advertiser - Farmers Edge

The Farmer and the City Girl – Rob’s courageous journey without gluten

Rob Sharkey is a hero! Going an entire week without gluten for the benefit of the podcast. In this episode, Lesley Kelley and Rob Sharkey are talking about gluten and fad diets.   Join us for #FCGchat Monday nights at 7pm central. We'll be asking you to

Future of Agriculture – Leveraging Data To Optimize Commodity Decisions with Mike Neal of DecisionNext

Mike Neal is the Co-Founder and CEO of DecisionNext, a company that utilizes and analyzes data in a way that helps companies optimize their decision making. DecisionNext’s business relies on giving clients possible market forecasts in an event of a policy change. Regarde

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Brad Peel life’s curveballs

Brad Peel is a guy that's curious about agriculture. However, getting on ag social media has had some unexpected surprises. Listen as he talks about the unexpected loss that shook his world. Please visit our advertiser https://www.farmersedge.ca/   time st