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Future of Agriculture – Applications for Blockchain in Agriculture – Part 1

Innovations in the agricultural industry come in many forms. From technological advances to improving farming practices, the world is slowly but surely guaranteeing safe and sustainable food sources for generations to come. But, what if we take that a step further? What if

The SharkFarmer Podcast – Sandi Brock & Amy Matheson talk Christmas

Holiday seasons are for having fun... and what better way to have fun than hanging out with Sandi Brock and Amy Matheson!!! Plus my version of The Night Before Christmas Please visit Farmers Edge

Keeping Ag Real – Will custom harvesting become extinct? Is gluten-free to blame?

In this episode of Keeping Ag Real, Jenny Schweigert connects with Tracy Zeorian, a custom wheat harvester and founder of HarvestHer. The show tackles USDA data, gluten-free diets and navigating through family dynamics in a 40 ft living space. When times get tough, the

Ontario AgCast – Matt McIntosh

The Real Dirt On Farming – Good facts and good vibes.   1:00 Not everyone can get away with a kilt. 5:00 Matt’s big, little brother. 10:00 An introvert and a deep thinker. 13:00 The Real Dirt On Farming – a worthwhile cause. 22:30 Why can’t w

Future of Agriculture – Bootstrapping a Farm Management Software Company with Nick Horob of Harvest Profit

Nick Horob is the founder of Harvest Profit, a company that provides a set of management tools focused on the business side of the farm. Their aim is to allow farmers make decisions based on objective analysis and data, preventing emotionally-driven choices which in turn g

The Shark Farmer Podcast – P.H.A.R.M. Dog USA

Jackie Allenbrand and Alda Owen are pretty tough on me, but that's ok. They are passionate about helping disabled farmers. Listen to this amazing story! Support P.H.A.R.M Dog USA - Donate to the Glitter Beard Challenge and help get a dog to a farmer with disability her

The Farmer & The City Girl – Merry Christmas from Rob and the Canadian

Merry Christmas from Rob and Lesley!!!!

Ontario AgCast – Drew De Bruyn

1:20 If you offer Drew a couch to crash, he may never leave. 4:45 We learn how much Wendell knows about pigs. 8:40 Piglet lives matter. 16:40 Pigs just keep getting bigger. 20:20 Pig guys trying to be like the dairy guys. 24:00 The Pigmobile. 32:00 Cool t

Grow Smart with BASF Podcast – This guy can grow just about anything…including chufa.

Cotton? Check. Corn and Soybeans? Sure. Peanuts and pumpkins? Yep. Wheat? Why not? Chufa? Of course. North Carolinian Donny Lassiter can grow it all.

Future of Agriculture – Investing in the Future of Agriculture with Tyler Mayoras of Advantage Capital Partners

Tyler Mayoras is a Principal at Advantage Capital Partners, a company that invests in small businesses that are ready for growth. As a principal, his duties revolves around screening and identifying potential opportunities for investments, facilitate due diligence, and clo