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Keeping Ag Real – Meet my sister, an Operational Excellence Coach (aka, coaches corporations on the evolving needs of customers)

Thanks again for listening to Keeping Ag Real! Your loyalty and continued support is greatly appreciated! This week I interviewed my non-agriculture, city dwelling sister - for good reason. Her career path is in the area of Operational Excellence Coaching. What does tha

Keeping Ag Real – Part 2: What do Harry Connick Jr., Klout Scores & Kelly Clarkson have in common? @NatashaNicholes

This is part 2 of a great conversation with lifestyle blogger, Natasha Nicholes. We dive in talking about how she has grown an old, dirty lot on the south side of Chicago into a beautiful learning tool. She discusses Harry Connick Jr.'s involvement and her goals for the fu

Ontario AgCast – Jes Oelschlagal

For all our talk about letting consumers see how their food is produced, there’s one part of the process that has remained hidden from public view. A third generation butcher, Jes Oelschlagal wants to change that and help educate people on why the job of ending an animal

Future of Agriculture – How Tokens are Used to Decentralize the Agricultural S

Tomaz Levak and Ziga Drev are the founders of OriginTrail, a service that developed the first purpose-built protocol blockchain-based supply chains. Their protocol aims to bring trust into the supply chain without the need for a middleman brokering trust. The OriginTrail p

The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Meredith Bernard isn’t funny

Meredith Bernard is a woman determined to learn the ins and outs of farming. Listen to how this genuinely nice person is making a positive impact. Please visit Farmers Edge

Keeping Ag Real – Natasha Nicholes, THE list & what does she think about the ag community

Natasha Nicholes, THE list & what does she think about the ag community

Ontario AgCast – Dr Kelly Barratt

Kelly is totally fine if you call her a Lady Vet, but please don’t call her a Horse Person. However, if you have a sick cow, goat or horse, she can help. Maybe not Alpacas…..

Future of Agriculture – Applications for Blockchain in Agriculture – Part 2

In part 1 of our Blockchain series, I discussed the concept of Blockchain and how it can impact the agricultural industry. I highlighted reputable resources, possible points where Blockchain can positively change, and how it can build trust in all market participants from

The Sharkfarmer Podcast – Conrad Smith crazy profit talk

Conrad Smith is in the Ag retail business. He has this crazy idea that his customers should make a profit. Plus he talks about how he views businesses on social media. go tell Farmers Edge what I should do in Canada @farmers_edge

FRAN New Year Podcast

Wendell, Donnarie, Rob and Tim get together for a FRAN New Year Podcast. Get a glimpse into what FRANBOT has to deal with.