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Podcast Episodes

Keeping Ag Real – Grocery Store Guru Gracie Weinzierl | Destination grocery shopping, local foods & funny stuff at farmers markets.

This week's episode of Keeping Ag Real, steps off a new segment called "Grocery Store Gurus." Gracie Weinzierl returns as a co-host to chat about destination grocery shopping, misleading local food labeling and funny stuff at farmers' markets.

Future of Agriculture – FOA How Blockchain Works with Alex Danco of Social Capital

Alex Danco is an Associate and member of the Discover Team at Social Capital, a partnership consisting of philanthropists, capitalists, and technologists who together share the same goal of funding startups and ideas that can create value and change on a global scale. Alex

Shark Farmer Podcast – Megz Reynolds movie sets to combines

Farmer Megz did not have your typical ag background. She was too busy hanging out with the cast of Twilight. From combine fires to standing up for mental health, she's farming her way.   Please visit my advertiser: Farmers Edge

Ontario AgCast – Sarah Sheppard

At age six, Sarah Sheppard decided she loves chickens. Now, she works with chickens, reads about chickens, jokes about chickens, but it’s when she tweets about chickens, that things get really crazy. You might say it was the cluck heard round the web.

Future of Agriculture – How Blockchain Technology Can Help Farmers in Developing Countries

David Davies is the Founder of AgUnity and AgriLedger. AgUnity enables the world’s smallest and poorest farmers to have access to a means to lift themselves out of poverty through smartphone and blockchain solutions. AgriLedger is the smartphone app AgUnity developed tha

Shark Farmer Podcast – Casey Schuhmacher for President

Casey Schuhmacher is a political junkie... and that is a good thing for agriculture. Listen as he talks irrigation, family farming, and social media. please visit our advertiser Farmers Edge

Keeping Ag Real – Improving food buying decisions: How can @Wal-mart @Xerox @McDonalds @EnvDefenseFund and more work together?

They always say, it takes a village and that village just expanded. There is a new player in the agriculture advocacy world. Today's guest is Nate Birt from Farm Journal's Trust In Food initiative. This new effort kicks-off with the Trust In Food Symposium, Jan. 23-24, in Ch

Ontario AgCast – Jonathan Lamb

Jonathan Lamb is a partner in Lamb Farms and Oakfield Corners Dairy. We talk cows, genomics and employees. This is a great example where "big" and "family" go together in more ways than one. Jonathan will be in Ontario speaking at the Wallenstein Feed and Supply Dairy Prod

Future of Agriculture – The Journey of Blockchain Adoption in Agricultural Supply Chains with Dr. Nishant Dass

Dr. Nishant Dass is an associate professor and Ph.D. Coordinator in finance at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. His areas of expertise include major areas of financing and business management including CEO-Compensation, Corporate Governance, Mutual Funds, Trade

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Scott Mathews conservation pioneer

Scott Mathews had an awful 2017, but he continues to remain optimistic. He talks about his battles with the NRCS and growing rice. Please visit Farmers Edge