Podcast Episodes

Shark Farmer Podcast – Chris Koch is funnier than me

Not having arms and legs hasn't slowed down Chris Koch. Listen to how this active farmer maintains such a good outlook on life. Please visit our advertiser: Farmers Edge

What the Farm Podcast – Drugs in rural areas

Lesley and Rob talk about drugs in rural areas. It's the first in a series of podcast leading up to talking about the Colten Boushie case in Saskatchewan.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Love at First Sight

Tonight I'm heading over to Aherla, near Cork in the South of Ireland to talk to dairy farmers Peter and Paula Hynes @Peterhynes15 @Paulahynes4 Firstly we talk about their non-farming backgrounds, how they met through a mutual love of horses and have been inseparable ev

Ontario AgCast – Carson Wagner

Carson Wagner on robots, wrappers and Junior Farmers.

Future of Agriculture – Farmer and Rancher Perspectives on Data, Blockchain and the Consumer with Jerod McDaniel

Jerod McDaniel is a farmer and cattleman from Texhoma, Oklahoma. He is progressive when it comes to farm-related data, and new technology and practices. He is quite open and excited about the idea behind blockchain and how it would impact farmers like him. Jerod took ove

The Shark Farmer Podcast – Jodi DeHate, ag has your back

Jodi Dehate has been around agriculture her whole life. Listen to how that helped her through divorce and losing a job. Please visit my advertiser: Farmers Edge

What The Farm Podcast – Sinful talk about sin tax

Well we've got a new name: What The Farm Podcast Lesley and I discuss sin taxes... but it leads into a rant about PETA

Ontario AgCast – Where’s Wendell?

Sandi and Christine turn the tables and interview Wendell. Asking questions from #AgTwitter 2:26 Wendell has control issues 13:32 Wendell thinks 87% isn't a good grade 15:25 Wendell compliments us! 21:45 Wendell explains what scrotal circumference means to him 28:25

Future of Agriculture – Farmgate Blockchain Applications with Emma Weston of AgriDigital

Emma Weston is the CEO and one of the founders of AgriDigital, a commodity management company that combines advanced technical and industry expertise with aesthetic design and intelligent systems to develop seamless solutions to complex logistical, risk, customer managem

Shark Farmer Podcast – Luke Lauritsen…. not Lichtenstein

Luke Lauritsen was that typical farm kid. Listen as he talks transitioning to sales and bullying. Please visit our advertiser Farmers Edge