Podcast Episodes

What the Farm Podcast – Jay Baer Speaker’s Hall of Fame

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Give me a BRAKE! And SAVE MONEY and TIME.

Follow these simple steps to double the life of your braking systems.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Dr. Ray Goldberg, the Father of Agribusiness

Dr. Ray Goldberg holds the title of George M. Moffett Professor of Agriculture and Business, Emeritus at Harvard Business School. He’s among the pioneers of modern agribusiness, coining the term himself. He is the author of Food Citizenship, a book that talks about t

Shark Farmer Podcast – The New Mexico Milkmaid

Would you be able to handle death threats from animal rights extremist? Can a "farm wife" represent agriculture on social media? All this and more as I talk with The New Mexico Milkmaid

What the Farm Podcast – Colleen Dyck won’t use non-GMO label

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Noel Kelly, MD Creva Agri International

Noel Kelly grew up on a pedigree dairy farm (Creva Herd) near Athenry in Co. Galway. He trained in dairy management in the UK and worked in farm software and international sales before returning home in 2010 to combine his twin passions of dairy farming and global agri

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Let’s keep it CARBUREATED!!!

Listen as I share my tips for a tip top carburetor.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – The Journey of an AgTech Entrepreneur with Colin Hurd of Smart Ag

Colin Hurd is an entrepreneur and the Business Development Manager at Raven Industries, a highly diversified technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to help feed, connect, and protect the world. Raven Industries recently acquired Smart Ag, a c

Shark Farmer Podcast – Chis Jansen puts family first

What steps do yo take, as a farmer, that helps you spend more time with family? Listen as I talk with Chris Jansen about the two major events that shaped his farm life and family life Please visit our sponsor GrainPhD.com

Ag Tech So What Podcast logo

Agtech….So What Podcast – researcher & startup collaborations in agtech (live panel)

Australia has world class agricultural research, but has struggled to rank as highly for commercialization. How can we improve this, and get more valuable innovations to market? One way is through collaboration between research organizations and startups.But what does i