Podcast Episodes

What The Farm Podcast – Sinful talk about sin tax

Well we've got a new name: What The Farm Podcast Lesley and I discuss sin taxes... but it leads into a rant about PETA

Ontario AgCast – Where’s Wendell?

Sandi and Christine turn the tables and interview Wendell. Asking questions from #AgTwitter 2:26 Wendell has control issues 13:32 Wendell thinks 87% isn't a good grade 15:25 Wendell compliments us! 21:45 Wendell explains what scrotal circumference means to him 28:25

Future of Agriculture – Farmgate Blockchain Applications with Emma Weston of AgriDigital

Emma Weston is the CEO and one of the founders of AgriDigital, a commodity management company that combines advanced technical and industry expertise with aesthetic design and intelligent systems to develop seamless solutions to complex logistical, risk, customer managem

Shark Farmer Podcast – Luke Lauritsen…. not Lichtenstein

Luke Lauritsen was that typical farm kid. Listen as he talks transitioning to sales and bullying. Please visit our advertiser Farmers Edge

The Farmer and the City Girl – WTF does a farmer look like

So Costco put this farmer on a magazine and some farmers were annoyed he looked to much like a hick.... so wtf does a farmer look like?

Ontario AgCast – Julaine Treur

What better way to start FebruDairy than with BC dairy farmer Julaine Treur? Creekside Dairy is organic, but Julaine won’t tolerate misleading marketing tactics like those used by Stonyfield Organics. Organic / Conventional, Canadian / American, in agriculture, we are al

Future of Agriculture – Blockchain and the Internet of Food with Raja Ramachandran of Ripe.io

Raja Ramachandran is the CEO of Ripe.io, a company that considers itself as the Blockchain of food. Ripe.io offers solutions to food problems that involve data transparency while also providing answers to many consumer questions. Raja has a background in finance and FOREX

Shark Farmer Podcast – Mike Lass first generation farmer

Mike Lass grew up in Chino California... now he is a cotton farmer in Texas. Listen as he talks family and faith in agriculture. please visit our advertiser Farmers Edge

The Farmer and the City Girl – Do More in Agriculture

We're back to talk about what Lesley has been up to. The creation on the Do More in Agriculture Foundation will help break the stigma of mental health in ag. Lesley has worked tirelessly with others to create this, and I couldn't be more proud of my co-host.

Keeping Ag Real – Grocery Store Guru Gracie Weinzierl | Destination grocery shopping, local foods & funny stuff at farmers markets.

This week's episode of Keeping Ag Real, steps off a new segment called "Grocery Store Gurus." Gracie Weinzierl returns as a co-host to chat about destination grocery shopping, misleading local food labeling and funny stuff at farmers' markets.