Podcast Episodes

Ontario AgCast – Owen Roberts is the Urban Cowboy

When talking to consumers about ag, be prepared to answer two questions: Who Cares and So What? Owen Roberts is the Urban Cowboy and he has turned story telling into a science. Literally.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Strawberry Fields Forever

Tonight I'm heading up to Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire in Scotland to talk to soft fruit grower Ross Mitchell @rjmitch21 We talk about his family's farm and their decision to stop dairying in 1999 and expand their 15 acres of strawberries to commercial scale. We dis

Future of Agriculture – Fighting Pests Strategically and Sustainably with Dr. Pamela Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations

Dr. Pamela Marrone is the founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations, a company dedicated to finding practical, sustainable pest management solutions that are safe for people as well as the environment. She is also the founding Chair and former board member of the Biopes

Shark Farmer Podcast – Shilow & Jeff Bennett, Ag Meet-Up

Shilow and Jeff Bennett want to have the mother of all ag Meet-Ups. Their goal is to help bring agriculture together, and create a supportive community.... and have a whole lotta fun.   Please visit our sponsor: Farmers Edge

What The Farm Podcast – Rebecca Noble makes better bananas

Lesley and Rob go down to Alltech to interview the people behind agriculture's future ideas. Today we talk with Rebecca Noble and hear how she is helping plants defend themselves against disease.

Keeping Ag Real Podcast – Brooke Clay tries to enter Witness Relocation Program, she is savin’ the booties plus when your doc gives GMOs a no

Have you ever met one of those people who makes your mind explode? Enter one of the hottest names in the food and agriculture world, Brooke Clay. Fluent in pop culture, Brooke shares about her role as producer of Chasing Down Madison Brown. In this episode, she schools me

Grow Smart Podcast – Engenia ® herbicide stewardship, part one: Know before you go spray.

Chad Asmus, BASF Technical Marketing Manager, and Jeff Spencer, BASF Digital Farming Group Development Lead, give us the scoop on Engenia herbicide stewardship.

Ontario AgCast – Karen Dallimore

Karen Dallimore has a serious addiction…. To horses. Whether it’s writing about horses, competing in extreme cowboy racing, being a horse midwife or equine personality classification, we cover it all. Also, some fun horse trivia – what part of a horse’s anatomy is

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Stand by your Ham

Tonight I'm delighted to be heading up to Driffield in East Yorkshire to talk to Sisters and award winning pig farmers, Kate Moore and Vicky Scott @KateMorgan24 @vickypig27 The girls tell us about their family business, which their parents, David & Sue, started in 1

Future of Agriculture – Agriculture and Conservation with Michael Doane of The Nature Conservancy

Michael Doane is the Managing Director of the Agriculture and Food Systems at The Nature Conservancy, a nonprofit organization and the world’s leader in providing nature conservation efforts. Their mission is to conserve Mother Nature for future generations by buying lan