Podcast Episodes

Sharkfarmer Podcast – My Mom

My Mom turns 80 this week, here's her story Please visit our sponsor: Farmers Edge

Keeping AgReal Podcast – Debunking Misconceptions of Ag Innovation; How GMO Technology Changed Her Family Farm with Karolyn Zurn

Researching farming for nearly 50 years is one perspective when discussing innovations in agriculture. Actually living it and sharing detail by detail, is a completely different animal. Meet Karolyn Zurn from Minnesota, American Agri Women's 1st Vice President. She s

Ways to AgVocate every day through #AgDay365 and “Food: How It’s Made”

It's no secret that the general public live and breathe by misinformation regarding agriculture. Reaching the general public takes a village. Listen to American Agri Women's Past President, Doris Mold, as she discusses the efforts the American Agri Women have utilized a

Idle Chatter Podcast- Hot Rod Farmer: Put an end to your meter madness!!!

Let Ray Bohacz show you how easy it is to understand your DVOM.

Future of Agriculture – Stories from the Soil Finale: Why I Love Working in Agriculture

The concept of Soil Health deals with making sure the land where our farms stand will remain the same for the next generation. This was the goal of my journey in bringing the awareness of soil health to the world, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jim Lo

Shark Farmer Podcast – Christmas Stories

Here is some Christmas stories from our agriculture family 1:30 Wendy Elias-Gagnon 14:50 Matt King 19:55 Tim Stock 33:07 Kyle Samp 41:00 Tom Tenseth 53:33 Lesley Kelly Please visit our sponsors Farmers Edge

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: I should run a differ WHAT??? A DIFFERENTIAL!!!

The lost art of being a diagnostician.

Ontario AgCast – Steve Thomas, Ho Ho Ho

If Santa had a British accent and a filthy sense of humor, he could be mistaken for Steve Thomas. With a spirit of community and a passion for the swine industry, Steve has rallied Ontario Pork Producers to help provide healthy, nutritious meals to those in need. A grea

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Freedom Crackers

Tonight for the 2018 Rock & Roll Farming Christmas Special and ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE, I'm heading over to Illinois in the US of A to talk to the one and only Rob Sharkey @sf28430 They don't have Christmas Crackers in America, that's all I'm saying..  LOND

Future of Agriculture – Business Consulting for Farm and Ranch Operations with Davon Cook of Ag Progress

Davon Cook is the Co-Founder of Ag Progress, a company that provides management consulting, family business advisory, and facilitation for ag ventures and other groups. Davon facilitates peer groups of ag operations and is a member of the Family Firm Institute, one of t