Podcast Episodes

Future of Agriculture – Scaling an AgTech Company with Sid Gorham of Granular

Sid Gorham is the President & CEO of Granular, a software and analytics platform that aims to improve farming efficiency and help farmers make better, well-informed business decisions. As the leader of Granular, his responsibilities include setting growth strategies

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Zach Johnson the Millennial Farmer

Listen in as Zach Johnson AKA The Millennial Farmer, talks about how he has become one of agricultures' biggest YouTube stars. Please visit our sponsor: Farmers Edge

What the Farm Podcast – Goat Yoga with Lee Dobbins

What the hell is goat yoga? Listen in as we talk to Lee Dobbins and how goat yoga is an additional revenue stream to his farm.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Born again…resurrecting that old gas engine!

If you can’t part with that old ??? Let Ray Bohacz show you how to make it useful again.

Ontario AgCast – Candace Hill – Women in Ag

What does corporate social responsibility mean in agriculture? Well, at Farm Credit Canada, it means identifying a need and putting Candace Hill in charge of it. Manager of Special Projects – Women in Ag, Candace shares about doing jobs that didn’t exist before, ge

Future of Agriculture – Managing the Modern Farm Business with Farmers Justin Dahlgren and Eric Thalken

 Justin Dahlgren and Eric Thalken are farm managers in Nebraska. They have adapted to using Granular, one of the world’s leading farm management software tools. Granular provides farmers with all the necessary tools that analyze operational, agronomic, and financ

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Greg Peterson (Machinery Pete)

Greg Peterson didn't necessarily know what he wanted to do in college, but yet he went on to build an ag media juggernaut focusing on machinery.

What the Farm Podcast – Natasha Nicholes Chicago Farmer

Natasha Nicholes is bringing farming to Chicago!

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Success is a choice and not a condition

Break through the profit barrier in 2019…. soar like an SR-71 to new heights!

Future of Agriculture – Dairy Farmer and Standup Comedian Tim Moffett

Tim Moffett is known as the Ag Comedian, as he blends comedy and farming into a finely tuned and unique craft. He likes to combine everyday life on the farm and stand-up comedy to show everyone there is always something to smile and laugh about - even in agriculture. Ti