Podcast Episodes

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Tricia Braid talking commodity groups

Tricia Braid has been one of agriculture's biggest supporters. She lets me ask her some tough questions about commodity groups. Please visit our sponsor: Farmers Edge

What the Farm Podcast – Lia Biondo talks fake meat

Fake meat poops... Listen in as Lesley and Rob talk to Lia Biondo about the process of making fake meat.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Cold blooded…the only reason for a winter no-start is YOU!!

Let Ray Bohacz show you how to end the winter blues.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Absolute Mixed Unit

Tonight I'm heading up to Ulverston in Cumbria to talk to farmer and giant, Will Case. We talk family, the challenges of finding a work/life balance, mixed farming (Are we jack of all trades, master of none?!), dealing with his brother's cancer, writing about farming

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Managing a Multi-Generational Farm Business with Jeff and Garrett Sims of Sims Farms

Jeff and Garrett Sims are the owners of Sims Farms, a family-owned and operated ag business in the Centralia, Missouri area. The farm was established in 1967, and they’re the 5th generation of farmers who manage and oversee its day-to-day operations. Some of the servi

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Jeremy Wolf, stages of life

Jeremy Wolf talks about the decision he made to leave farming. It's a look at one producers decision to move forward in life.

What the Farm Podcast – Roary MacPherson Newfoundland Chef

Being the youngest of 16 taught Roary MacPherson to appreciate quality ingredients. Listen to how he became one of Canada's premier chefs

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: I want you to make a FULL PULL…. from planting to harvest!!!

Ray Bohacz explains what you can do now to yield a season with minimal to no down time or expense.

Ontario AgCast – Dr. Christine Baes

Everyone has to have a goal in life. For Dr. Christine Baes, that goal is breeding a cow that farts less. She got her love for cows growing up on a dairy farm in Canada and, after crisscrossing the globe a few times, she is now solving the world’s problems using geno

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – CD & The Open Farm Sundays

Tonight i'm heading all the way down to beautiful Liskeard in Cornwall to talk to the Chief Exec of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), Caroline Drummond @LEAFchief We talk about her early life growing up in the countryside, and how she developed a keen interest