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Podcast Episodes

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – West Yorkshire to East Africa

Tonight I'm heading up to Rippenden in Yorkshire to talk to beef and sheep farmer, Rachel Hallos @rachelhallos We talk all about their upland family farm, their pedigree Saler Cattle, their work with environmental schemes, diversification into a holiday let, becoming

Future of Agriculture – Dairies becoming Fertilizer Factories with Ross Thurston of LWR and Jay Binversie of Bucky Organics

Ross Thruston is the President and Founder of Livestock Water Recycling, a company that is implementing technology in animal agriculture units that recycles the water and nutrients from animal agriculture systems. He has over 30 years of experience in construction and e

Shark Farmer Podcast – Cam Edwards comparing NRA to Ag

Can agriculture learn from the NRA? Cam Edwards talks about how he deals with unfavorable news stories. Also, he tells us how cancer has affected his family.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Devenish The Soil-Food Nutrient Revolution

Belfast-based Devenish Nutrition is a leading animal nutrition company and trades worldwide within the farming and food sector under the aegis of chief executive Richard Kennedy and executive chairman, Owen Brennan. With the intriguing central philosophy of ‘One Healt

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: A Slippery Subject! How well do you know your engine oil?

Probably not well enough. Listen as Ray Bohacz explains.

Ontario AgCast- Randall Schwartzentruber

Solving complex problems via technology is Randall's mission. Randall Schwartzentruber (AKA the Black Knight) talks about his latest invention, Bin Sentry (bin sensors) and what it means for Ontario Agriculture.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – From Tiny Acorns

Tonight I'm heading down to Rednal, just South of Birmingham, to talk to farmer and National Farmer's Union Dairy Board Chairman, Michael Oakes @m19mao  We talk about how his Dad started farming on a county council smallholding, farming on the urban fringe, his

Future of Agriculture – Understanding the AgTech Investor with Steve Sarracino of Activant Capital

Steve Sarracino is the Founder of Activant Capital, a business that invests in growth-stage tech companies worldwide. They provide funding for businesses in commerce, Internet of Things, and data-driven companies. For agriculture, Steve prefers data-driven companies bec

Shark Farmer Podcast – Camry Martin & Kenneth Gill leaving dairy

Kenneth Gill has been a dairy farmer his whole life... but today is the day he is selling his herd. Listen as he and his daughter Camry Martin tell their story.

Grow Smart Podcast with BASF – Smart thinking for challenging times: 2019 seed and disease outlook

Smart growers know it starts with the right seed. And that diseases can sneak up and ruin a season’s worth of work. Our two experts weigh in on what to know