Podcast Episodes

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Diesel Fuel Additives…Snake Oil or Savior????

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – The Nuffield Experience

Tonight, it's a Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust Special Edition!  For this episode I spoke to 3 different scholars, Georgina Crayford, Jenna Ross, and Tim Downes, and asked them all about their Nuffield experiences, and why they’d recomm

Future of Agriculture – Project Level Equity for Ag Infrastructure with Aaron Ratner of Ultra Capital

Aaron Ratner is the Managing Director at Ultra Capital, a company that finances small and mid-size startups in the sustainable technology industry. He has over 20 years of experience in advisory, international investment, and project development with a focus on agricult

Shark Farmer Podcast – Darcizzle Offshore fishing social media empire

Get to know the woman behind the fishing social media Juggernaut know as Darcizzle Offshore Please visit our sponsor: Farmers Edge

What the Farm Podcast – Sam Masler vegetarian butcher?

She became a vegetarian. Then a butcher. Then an omnivore. Listen to her story here.

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Imploding (Profit) Concern….

Do not let hydraulic pump cavitation eat away at your farm’s profitability!

Ontario AgCast- Gordon Stock

Gordon Stock, Senior Policy Advisor and Government Relations for the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers’ Association Gordon, not Gord, talks about life after dairy farming and his exciting role in horticulture.

Future of Agriculture – International Ag Development through Venture Capital with Euler Bropleh of Vested World

Euler Bropleh is the Founder & Managing Director of Vested World, an investment platform that seeks to bridge the gap between private investors and startups in emerging markets. Euler focuses on emerging markets because he knows what it’s live in a country that ba

Shark Farmer Podcast – John Coggins hay to Nebraska

John Coggins is a welder from Kansas. Listen to how a trip up to Nebraska, to help flood victims, changed his life.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Ivor Cummins – Irish Heart Disease Awareness.

Can a growing global passion for lower carb / high nutrient-dense food boost demand for Irish grassfed produce? In this episode, Ivor Cummins, Chief Program Officer, IHDA outlines some context on this growing trend, along with perspectives on CVD risk-taking to