Podcast Episodes

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Testing, testing.. When was the last time you checked the shop’s AC voltage?

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: A spark of an idea! GM HEI Ignition

 The grandfather of all modern ignition systems.

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Commercial Greenhouses on Conventional Farms with Joe Swartz

Joe Swartz is the Vice President and Lead Horticulturist at AmHydro, a company recognized as a top innovator in the ag industry and focused on developing products that promote efficient hydroponic growing systems. Joe is also widely recognized as one of the leading cons

What the Farm Podcast – Hannah Roberts the future of ag education

Midwest Farmwives Podcast – The one where we meet.

As most of you know we began this journey without ever meeting in person. Building a relationship via Instagram and daily texts. Well we finally got to meet up in Nashville last week. To say we hit it of and had a blast would be an understatement. Love at first sight?

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Merry Christmas

Here it is.... The Christmas episode!!!From John Deere colored trees to present shaming... this one has it allMerry Christmas!!!!! Stories fromMark [email protected][email protected]

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: All plugged up and nowhere to go!

A simple way to diagnose a restricted exhaust system.

Salt of the Earth Podcast -Dr. Patrick Wall

In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Patrick Wall, Professor of Public Health at University College Dublin. Professor Wall qualified in Veterinary Medicine in UCD and in Human Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. In addition, Professor Wall was th

Future of Agriculture Podcast – Finding a Niche in Endive Farming with Rich Collins

Richard Collins is the owner of California Endive Farms, a farming operation that specializes in growing endive, a vegetable of the chicory family that is so special, it’s grown twice. Due to the strict conditions and labor-intensive manner of growing it, the endive w

Shark Farmer Podcast – Suzanne Swift-Cook first generation farmer

Imagine living in a camper with 6 kids and your spouse... listen as I talk to Suzanne Swift-Cook, first generation farme