Podcast Episodes

Future of Agriculture – U.S. Policy on Lab-Grown Meat with Scott Bennett of the American Farm Bureau Federation

Scott Bennett is the Director of Congressional Relations at the American Farm Bureau Federation, an independent, voluntary, non-government group that is headed by people who represent the best interests of farmers and their families in the US. He obtained his Bachelor o

Shark Farmer Podcast – Bree Hedger an arrow goes forward

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Finistere Ventures

In 2017, Finistere Ventures, a Californian-based firm, partnered with Ireland’s sovereign development fund (ISIF) to launch a €20m Ireland Agtech Fund (IAF), investing in emerging AgTech startups, to help stimulate growth and offer value across the Irish Agricultur

What the Farm Podcast – Cara Harbstreet Intuitive Eating

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: This SOOTS ME FINE… to minimize DPF regeneration cycles!

Ray Bohacz teaches you how to limit annoying regeneration of the diesel particulate filter.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – FarmDrop

Tonight I'm heading down to London to talk to founder and CEO of ethical online grocery company FarmDrop, Ben Pugh.  We talk about where his love for the outdoors and countryside came from, our broken food system and his determination to change it, how FarmDrop

Future of Agriculture – The Case for Urban Agriculture with Henry Gordon-Smith of Agritecture

Henry Gordon-Smith is considered one of the leading experts in urban agriculture. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Agritecture, a global urban agriculture consultation company that seeks to spread and promote the idea of urban and vertical farming. Part of Hen

Sharkfarmer Podcast – Kenny Reinke and the Nebraska floods

Kenny Reinke talks about the historic flooding in Nebraska. Plus how FFA influenced his journey towards farming 

What the Farm Podcast – Julie Gunlock fighting fear-mongering

Listen as Julie chats about how easy it is, especially as a first time mom, to fall prey to fear tactics used in media

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Look ma! No hands, no seat, no steering wheel!

Is there an autonomous tractor in your future… maybe NOT!!