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Podcast Episodes

Ontario AgCast – Bloyce Thompson

Breeding a Million Dollar Cow Did you know that some of the world’s best Holstein cows come from Canada’s smallest province? Bloyce Thompson, owner of Eastside Holsteins in Prince Edward Island has a long list of accomplishments that are proof of this. We talk a

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Waterford Distillery

Waterford Distillery is a single malt whiskey distillery located in Waterford City, in the South East of Ireland. The distillery was originally rebuilt in 2004 as a Guinness brewery, shut down a decade later and in 2015 transformed into a state-of-the-art single malt w

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Farming with Epilepsy

Tonight I head down to the Royal Agricultural University to talk to agri-business student Robyn Hogg.  We talk about her studies at Cirencester, whether it's an exciting time for young people to be entering the agricultural industry or not, and how since the age

Future of Agriculture: Todays Farm Economy vs the 1980s with Glen & Jason Newcomer

Glen and Jason Newcomer are the sixth-generation owners and operators of Newcomer Farms. Having been established during the time of the Civil War, Newcomer Farms is one of the oldest farms in America. Glen has extensive experience in farm management, agronomy support, a

Shark Farmer Podcast – Vance Crowe moving on

What could possibly go wrong with asking Jordan Peterson to speak to a group of farmers? Vance Crow, the former Director of Millennial Engagement at Bayer/Monsanto, talks candidly about the social media backlash, and the lessons learned about one group of people trying

What the Farm Podcast – Elaine Froese Farm Communication

Elaine Froese, CSP, CAFA, certified coach, is the author of four books dedicated to helping farming families: Building Your Farm Legacy: Tools to Empower Family, Farming's In-Law Factor, Planting the Seed of Hope, and Do the Tough Things Right: How to Prevent Communica

Idle Chatter Podcast – Small engines…. BIG PROBLEMS. Don’t let a one-cylinder engine bring your operation to its knees!

Listen to Ray’s advice on small engine maintenance.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Epic Style

Tonight I head all the way over to Carmen, Idaho, USA, to talk to cattle rancher and social media legend Chyenne Smith @JLazyAngus, and I mostly try not to get too giddy about talking to an actual real life genuine cowgirl..  Episode Sponsor:  NFU Cymru

Future of Agriculture: Online Engagement and Bringing Ag to SXSW with Janice Person

Janice Person is the Online Engagement Director at Bayer Crop Science. In this role, she is responsible for social media and internet outreach towards influencers, bloggers, and the general public throughout the agriculture space. She has connected with thousands of foo

SharkFarmer Podcast: Amanda Freund Cowpots

Amanda Freund talks about her life changing experience traveling abroad for two years in the Peace Corps and how traveling off the farm opened her eyes to the simplicity of life in other cultures and the terrible hardships and challenges they face. She shares about h