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Future of Agriculture – California Water Law with Adam Borchard of ACWA

Adam Borchard is a Regulatory Advocate for the Association of California Water Agencies or ACWA. ACWA is an organization that seeks to inform Californians regarding their water supply and its policies. He has been actively representing California’s best interests in w

Shark Farmer Podcast – Quentin Shieldknight keepin the faith

Quentin Shieldknight is from the Texas Panhandle, where he and his family grow cotton, corn, and raise registered Red Angus. Listen as he talks about his crazy spring with rain, hail, and tornadoes. What role does social media play in keeping farmers all over the wor

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Entrained fuel. The bubble machine in your fuel tank.

Your engine wants fuel and not air mixed with it!

Future of Agriculture – Moonshot Ag Innovations via Corporate Joint Venture with Mike Miille of Joyn Bio

Dr. Michael Miille is the CEO of Joyn Bio. Joyn Bio is a startup joint venture of Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks. The goal of Joyn Bio is to answer the challenges of agricultural sustainability with synthetic biology. Michael has extensive experience when it comes to leading

Shark Farmer Podcast – Chef Kevin Harvey cookin’ in New Orleans

Do you really know who is cooking your food?So many times we focus a night out around a favorite restaurant, but never give much thought to the chef,Chef Kevin Harvey have fought his way to the top, listen to his journey.

Ontario AgCast- Antony John

Antony John (AKA “The Manic Organic”) and his wife Tina own and operate Soiled Reputation, an organic farm near Stratford, Ontario. Soiled Reputation supplies high end Southwestern Ontario restaurants with fresh produce, including the best carrots you’ve ever tast

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – ON TOUR at Metcalfe Farms

Rock & Roll Farming on tour!  I headed up to Leyburn in North Yorkshire to the 2018 Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers Gold Cup winner Philip Metcalfe's open day (Most impressive dairy farm I've EVER been on) to talk to the man himself, and also had

Future of Agriculture – Water Economics with Dr David Zetland

Dr. David Zetland is a university lecturer, blogger, and economy researcher. He currently teaches at Leiden University College - The Hague as a lecturer in political-economy. He is the creator of the Aguanomics blog, a site that focuses on topics on the different ways p

Shark Farmer Podcast – Heidi Radkiewicz, Honeymoon in Baghdad

Heidi Radkiewicz, author of “Honeymoon in Baghdad” talks about when she and her husband were deployed to active duty in Iraq, at the same time… in the same unit. She talks about being in firefights with her husband and how they help each other’s PTSD

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: FMD Road Test 2019 Ford F-150 Supercrew Limited

She may look city… but she WORKS COUNTRY!!