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Podcast Episodes

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Don’t let your engine be hot headed. Go with the flow!

Understanding and diagnosing thermostats and electric cooling fans.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Always read the questions

Tonight I headed east to Cambridgeshire to talk to arable farmer, David Walston. We talked about his early days at Eton College with some very famous classmates, the London photography business that he set up after university, and his eventual return to the family fa

Future of Agriculture – Cannabis Inputs with Dr Colin Bell of Mammoth Microbes

Dr. Colin Bell is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Growcentia, a company that specializes in microbial plant bio-stimulants and the developers of Mammoth Microbes. Mammoth Microbes is a product designed to help cultivators find solutions for problems ranging f

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Somewhere Over The Sea

Tonight I'm absolutely thrilled to be heading up the most remote inhabited island in the British Isles, Fair Isle, to talk to crofter, Rachel Challoner @BarklandCroft We talk about her early life in Lincolnshire, and how she initially trained to be a teacher, after s

Shark Farmer Podcast – John Schlessiger Don’t be afraid to share your story

John Schlessiger wants to share the struggles of their family, because you can never tell who it's going to help.

What the Farm Podcast – Kyle Wynette growing future beer

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Electrical Gremlins Beware! Be your farm’s Ghostbuster.

Eradicating intermittent electrical problems.

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Magners Farm

Kylie and Billy Magner produce pasture-raised eggs and pasture-raised chicken near the village of Moyglass in Co. Tipperary. Kylie provides some background to starting a poultry enterprise, and producing an award-winning chicken bone broth, all told and sold under the M

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Piedmontese

In 2005, artisan farmer and food producer, John Commins began farming piedmontese cattle, a breed native to Italy, on his farm, near Thurles, Co. Tipperary. He now supplies this award-winning high-end beef into supermarkets, restaurants and online across Ireland.  In

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Emma & The DPJ Foundation

Tonight I head down to Pembrokeshire in south west Wales, to talk to the founder of mental health charity, the DPJ Foundation, Emma Picton-Jones. We talk about her husband Dan, and how his mental health problems, and subsequent suicide in 2016, led her to forming the