Podcast Episodes

Shark Farmer Podcast – Bridgette Readel not so wicked stepmom

Get to know the woman who is always posting those agronomic videos on twitter. Bridgette Readel talks about being a stepmom and a woman in ag

What the Farm Podcast – Jenny Hefty giving back

What do you do when a kid's "Make A Wish" request is to see big farm equipment? You send him to a farm show!

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: What gets turned on… must be turned off!

Pulse width modulated circuits made easy!

Salt of the Earth Podcast – Farm Tours Ireland

Farm Tours Ireland was set up in 2012, by long established Louth-based agricultural advisors, father and son team, Gerry and Aonghus Giggins. It was launched in response to a growing appetite among professionals and farmers from overseas, wishing to visit and experienc

Future of Agriculture – Irrigation Technology with Leif Chastaine of Waterbit

Leif Chastaine is the Co-founder and COO of WaterBit. WaterBit is a precision ag irrigation company that wants to solve farming problems through its Automated Irrigation Solution technology. Before Leif cofounded WaterBit, he founded and helped grow other companies in t

Shark Farmer Podcast – Ted Hamer black cloud shades less everyday

What the Farm Podcast – Jay Hill not your average farmer

Idle Chatter Podcast – Hot Rod Farmer: Don’t let your engine be hot headed. Go with the flow!

Understanding and diagnosing thermostats and electric cooling fans.

Rock and Roll Farming Podcast – Always read the questions

Tonight I headed east to Cambridgeshire to talk to arable farmer, David Walston. We talked about his early days at Eton College with some very famous classmates, the London photography business that he set up after university, and his eventual return to the family fa

Future of Agriculture – Cannabis Inputs with Dr Colin Bell of Mammoth Microbes

Dr. Colin Bell is the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Growcentia, a company that specializes in microbial plant bio-stimulants and the developers of Mammoth Microbes. Mammoth Microbes is a product designed to help cultivators find solutions for problems ranging f