Ontario AgCast – Robyn Walsh

Ontario AgCast – Robyn Walsh


Robyn Walsh is our Favorite Newfie. Now Bring on the Robot Overlords.

1:20 Milking cows and growing corn on the Rock.

4:10 Canadian history according to Wendell.

5:50 Robyn claims to be a triple threat. Pretty sure that means drama queen.

7:50 Robots and ruminants.

10:00 Robots never get hangovers. And they like to party!

12:00 Someone in Lely marketing is WAY into outer space.

13:00 #pooproomba #pooproomba #pooproomba #pooproomba

15:00 Technology – making cows lives better.

17:20 Starting a career in ag as a millennial woman.

23:00 Can Robyn teach Wendell to dance?

25:25 In Newfoundland, Newfie jokes are just jokes. Robyn shares her favorite.