Ontario AgCast – Besnik Sulemanovzki

Ontario AgCast – Besnik Sulemanovzki

Taxes Suck…. so get an Awesome Accountant.

1:30 From a downtown high-rise to farm kitchen table.

5:50 Family business – clients you can get to know.

7:45 Not exactly sure what Besnik does and that’s just the way he likes it.

10:30 Legitimate tax strategies, or as the Liberals call them, Loopholes.

13:20 Justin Trudeau – champion of the middle class? Lol.

15:50 Revenue Canada questions if family members contribute to the family farm.

18:50 Small business succession planning. Surprise! You’re screwed.

24:15 Ever feel like someone made a mistake and is afraid to admit it? Me too.

26:00 And…. Wendell solves the deficit.