Future of Agriculture – Investment Banking in Agriculture with Wall Street Cowboy Chris Narayanan of C.R. Narayanan and Co

Future of Agriculture – Investment Banking in Agriculture with Wall Street Cowboy Chris Narayanan of C.R. Narayanan and Co

Chris Narayanan is a US Marine Corps veteran, and the President & CEO of C.R. Narayanan and Co., a veteran-owned investment banking firm that provides services to both companies and investors linked to the agribusiness supply chain. Chris obtained hands-on experience in the agricultural industry by being a ranch hand in his youth and working at investment banks that had agribusinesses as one of their largest clients. Because of his experience, Chris has developed extensive knowledge in valuing different types of agricultural companies and enterprises to measure investment suitability.


In this episode, Chris shares his experience working on Wall Street as an investment banker. He talks about his background in agriculture and how he ended up founding his own investment banking company that primarily services that business category. He also shares tips and ideas regarding investment banking as well as his insight on the future of agricultural business investments.


“Middle market companies are just past the venture capital stage, but haven’t gone public yet.”– Chris Narayanan


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • Difference between investment bank and traditional banking
  • The trend over the last 10 years in agriculture investments.
  • How he handles the busy life of investment banking.
  • How big does a company need to be for it to make sense to use their services?
  • What is a middle market?
  • Where should companies go to if they can’t afford an investment banker?
  • How they decide to raise money through private or public sources.
  • What’s it like to work on Wall Street?
  • How involved is he during negotiations?
  • His insight on the future of agricultural investments.


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