Future of Agriculture – How Blockchain Technology Can Help Farmers in Developing Countries

Future of Agriculture – How Blockchain Technology Can Help Farmers in Developing Countries

David Davies is the Founder of AgUnity and AgriLedger. AgUnity enables the world’s smallest and poorest farmers to have access to a means to lift themselves out of poverty through smartphone and blockchain solutions. AgriLedger is the smartphone app AgUnity developed that records and transacts incorruptible data through blockchain technology. The app allows virtually every user to know their transactions and data are kept safe and tamper-proof.


In this episode, David Davies shares his ideas and vision for the future of blockchain and the agricultural industry. He explains the different problems blockchain can solve, how their app integrates blockchain technology as well as how it can boost farmer’s income significantly.


“What we use the blockchain here for is having a permanent record of trust.”– David Davies



This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • What inspired him to start AgUnity and AgriLedger?
  • How their app helps farmers increase their income and efficiency.
  • What blockchain would enables us to do that the internet wouldn’t.
  • Why they give farmers free phones.
  • How does a typical transaction work with their app?
  • Why they don’t use any form of cryptocurrency in their transactions.
  • Other industries that can benefit from their app.
  • Things blockchain just isn’t capable of despite the hype.


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