Future of Agriculture – FOA How Blockchain Works with Alex Danco of Social Capital

Future of Agriculture – FOA How Blockchain Works with Alex Danco of Social Capital

Alex Danco is an Associate and member of the Discover Team at Social Capital, a partnership consisting of philanthropists, capitalists, and technologists who together share the same goal of funding startups and ideas that can create value and change on a global scale. Alex is fond of thinking and writing about the future, and has authored a number of blogs that discuss the future of human society and technology all over the web. This penchant for futurism has made him grow fond of little yet novel ideas that just need a bit of capital to get started.


In this episode, Alex explains how Blockchain works. He discusses what made Blockchain a necessity, how it was initially conceptualized, and why Bitcoin paved the way for its mainstream introduction. He also describes just how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have value, and why they are not that different from gold.


“When people talk about Blockchain, it’s just the record of the process that happens.” – Alex Danco


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:


  • The beginnings of Blockchain
  • The problems that Blockchain could solve
  • Why Bitcoin and Ethereum have value.
  • How to determine the value of cryptocurrencies.
  • The difference and similarities between gold and Bitcoin.
  • What does it mean to build an agricultural product on the Blockchain?


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